Highly Rated Bunker Prepping Movies- “10 Cloverfield Lane”

A Highly Rated Prepping Movie

“10 Cloverfield Lane”

The thriller with John Goodman, rated PG-13, centers on a young woman who, after a car crash, is held captive by a doomsday prepper. He tells her the outside world is uninhabitable due to a chemical attack. She eventually decides the fate that awaits her above ground is better than dealing with what’s happening in the bunker.

My Friend Christopher Mangan recommended it to me

You might call this movie a “Preppers Nightmare” as it involves an Underground Shelter which has almost practically everything you would need to survive underground for about a year or two.

The “Nightmare” is the portrayal of Actor John Goodman’s character, Howard. By the way, his portrayal in the movie is excellent, along with Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character of Michelle, and John Gallagher, Jr.’s character of Emmett.

The title of the movie, now on Blu-Ray with DVD enclosed is “10 Cloverfield Lane” and it is directed by J.J. Abrams, and the fantastic music score is done by Bear McCreary.

I had to ask him if this movie had any zombies in it…

No, no Zombies! The ending is a surprise as to who or what the attackers are, and no it’s not scary. It is suspenseful and it is character-driven. Again, excellent performances. I saw it four or more times in the movies and I had to get the Blu-Ray, which I picked up the other day. The Soundtrack reminds me of Bernard Herrman’s music scores for some of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies, such as Vertigo, Psycho, North By Northwest, etc.

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A Highly Rated Prepping MoviesUrban Survival Site.com put together a list of 20 films to watch, here are the ones I am excited about…..

Jericho – (WATCHED, FANTASTIC!) This series follows the residents of a small town in Kansas after the largest cities in the United States have been destroyed by nuclear missiles. Since they have no power or communication with the outside world, they have to manage with limited resources while trying to figure out what has happened. Available to stream.

The Colony – This reality show follows 10 volunteers with various skills and backgrounds who are placed in a simulated post-apocalyptic environment and asked to rebuild civilization. Although it’s pretty entertaining, unless you’re a complete newbie prepper you may find yourself yelling at the TV.

Alaska: The Last Frontier – This reality show stars the Kilchers, a large family of homesteaders who live off the grid without any modern conveniences. As you can imagine, they face all sorts of challenges. They hunt, fish, raise livestock, deal with predators, can food, gather supplies, build the things they need, and do pretty much everything else a homesteader does.

Survivorman – Probably one of the best survival shows ever. Filmmaker and survival expert Les Stroud ventures into the wilderness completely alone with just a few supplies and his camera. Although there is a support team monitoring him from a distance, he manages to survive on his own for at least a week and teaches viewers exactly how he does it.

Dual Survival – The first two seasons star survival experts Dave Canterbury and Cody Lundin (they are replaced in seasons 3 and 4, respectively) in various predetermined situations such as marooned on an island, stranded on a mountain, or lost in the woods. They explain and demonstrate many important skills such as fire making, water purification, shelter construction, and much more. This show will teach you the importance of wearing shoes. Update:

Expired Food Storage Testing – One Brand NOT To Buy

Expired Food Storage Testing – One Brand NOT To Buy

We are always experimenting with our food. What tastes good, and what doesn’t. Long term food storage doesn’t have to taste bad. You just need to know what brands to avoid.

Pasta Is A Great Buy!

Pasta is always a great buy. You can store pasta for years and it will still taste pretty good. Mix it with a canned item. I stumbled across a three bean salad in the can which can be mixed in with small shells to make a nice lunch or dinner.

Think about what you can put together that can sit on the shelves long term without going bad.  Cans are almost always a great buy, because even if they do go past their expiry date, they are generally pretty good.

Heavier Plastics Are A Great Long Term Buy!

Another really great purchase is dry mixes in heavy plastic.  Betty Crocker or Marie Callenders bread mixes are great.  Avoid any brands which air might over time spoil the food.  These heavier plastics tend to keep well long term.   We had to dump all of our Jiffy mixes which didn’t taste good after their expiry date.  On the other hand, Betty Crocker brands seemed to hold up many years after their expiry.

Emergency Food Ideas

Easy salad ideas with pasta!

What an easy dish to make from prepping supplies

Emergency Food Ideas

Passover crackers NEVER Go bad!!

Unlike other crackers, they seem to stay fresh!  

You can eat 5 year old Passover crackers, and they taste great!  

My morning breakfast, – stick them in the toaster, and put jam or nutella on them.  YUM!!

Emergency Food Ideas

Juffy gets a huge thumb down.  Buy Betty Crocker brands

Even when her foods expire, they taste great!

Emergency Food Ideas

See here, made in 2015, 

Betty Crocker expired in 2008, 

Jiffy expired in 2012.  

Betty Crockers brand tasted great, while Jiffy almost had a chemical taste.  

Emergency Food Ideas

On the left,- Betty Crocker

Jiffy is on the right.  See the difference?  

The Love Of Historical Childrens Clothing – Designer Kerri Smits “Henri Grace” Collections

Amelie And Henri Company

If you have a grand daughter, or a daughter, and adore the styles centuries ago, you might want to shop Designer Kerri Smits “Henri Grace” collections.  Amelie and Henri Studio

This handmade children’s clothing brand is made in the USA.  If you love their collections, they share their patterns for you to make yourself in their Pattern Group on Facebook

If you love vintage and historical sewing patterns, you are going to love their styles.

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The ULTIMATE Engagement Ring Guide

Ultimate Wedding Ring Guide

Today, more than ever t0-be-brides are picking out their wedding sets with their partners.  Jewelry can be so personal, and many men are involving their brides in the decision making process.

If this happens to be you, then you might love to look at the suggestions we have in this article.

If you have never purchased a diamond or a ring before, you will very quickly find out that there is a whole lot more to it than picking out something that is shiny and pretty. It is actually fairly complicated, and there are a lot of questions you need to ask and a lot of things you need to consider before making your purchase.

The most important factor, of course, is what is practical for you and your soon to be husband.  Many women don’t like bulky rings and would be just as happy with a simple gold band.

Be sure to figure out what styles are practical for you and your husband, so that your jewelry doesn’t end up in a drawer years down the road.

Many women have some very precise ideas regarding what their style looks like, so before buying a ring it is absolutely essential to discuss with your fiancee about preferences.

In fact, many recently-engaged couples have little to no knowledge of what to look for in an engagement ring at all. That is where this guide comes in.

The following are five questions to ask when you are getting ready to purchase an engagement ring….

#1) What Is Your Budget?

Many couples can be tempted to go overboard financially when purchasing an engagement ring.  That is why it is best to decide upfront what your budget is for purchasing a ring and to stick to that budget no matter what.

Today it is just as fashionable to buy a center gemstone than a diamond.  You can go for a variety of metals that look just as beautiful as a gold ring.  You certainly shouldn’t go into debt to buy jewelry when starting out your marriage.

#2) Do You Want Something Old Or Something New?

There are a lot of choices besides just the classic diamond solitaire engagement ring.  Many antique engagement rings are absolutely spectacular.

So the truth is that there are lots of choices out there and lots of opportunities to pick something that will suit your particular style.

#3) What Kind Of Stone Do You Want?

An engagement ring does not have to have a diamond on it.  In fact, a growing number of couples are opting for other exotic stones rather than diamonds for their engagement rings.  For example, blue sapphire engagement rings are becoming very popular.

So don’t be afraid to incorporate other gemstones into your engagement ring, and don’t be afraid if you want to leave diamonds out of your ring altogether.

#4) Do You Know Your 4 C’s – Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color?

When looking at an engagement ring, you are going to want to ask about all four of these categories.  The cut of the diamond is more of a style choice, but the last three categories can have a huge impact on the value of the diamond you are choosing.  The truth is that two diamonds can look remarkably similar and yet have vastly different values.

#5) What Metal Do You Want The Band To Be Made Out Of?

Most of the focus when purchasing an engagement ring is on the gemstones.  But the band is another very important consideration.  The three most common choices are gold, platinum and white gold, although many couples go another direction in order to save some money.

The truth is that picking out an engagement ring can be an exhilarating experience, but you can also get burned if you do not know what you are doing.  It is important to get educated and to do your homework.

For young couples that are working on a tight budget, sometimes you can still get a great ring and save money at the same time by shopping places like Ebay, Craigslist and Amazon.  When you do shop online, be sure to research the seller you are considering purchasing from to make sure that they are reputable.

Having purchased an engagement ring online myself, I can honestly say that it does work and you can get a lot more ring for your money than by shopping at the jewelry retailer down at the mall.

But wherever you buy your engagement ring, always be careful and always do your research.  If you protect yourself and if you are willing to put in the hard work to find just the right ring, you will have a better chance of ending up with something that you both will love for decades to come.

Ebay is filled with local jewelry and antique stores who are listing their inventory on ebay as a chance to expose their product to a larger audience. Others are regular people who are looking to liquidate their possessions, and ebay is the easiest way to do it. Who knows, maybe you might buy a ring previously owned by a couple who had walked together for 60 +years. Ebay makes it interesting because there is a little bit of mystery of having an antique piece. Why not stay home to shop if you can.

One piece of advice is true……….find out all the questions you have for the seller before buying. Request extra pictures if necessary. If you purchase a ring, be sure to know you could return it, just in case there was something you missed on the listing.

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