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If you ask 30 women in a day about the most challenging aspect of motherhood, they’ll say it’s labor. And it’s not that hard to see why. It’s the most painful physical thing a mother gets to experience and is often dread by many. For mommies who have undergone labor a couple of times, she knows what will happen and what to expect o it. But, first-time moms?

We’ve heard of unusual labors, but how to make them a lot easier? So, here’s a quick guide to lessen the strains of a painful labor. We’ve divided it into two parts for easy execution of the plans.

Pre-labor Things To Do

Equip yourself with the knowledge
You can search on the internet or talk to a friend about childbirth and labor and ask for tips during their experience. What’s more is that you can take childbirth classes and get to familiarize on what will happen, what to do, how to act on situations, and more. If you have the knowledge on what to happen, you can ease yourself out and plan what to do when the big day come.


Pregnant women who exercise have easier and shorter labor. Their bodies have prepared them for the event and have changed to tailor the needs of the mother. Moreover, exercise will have your child head under which makes childbirth more convenient, quick, and safe.

Who’s there on the big day?
You need to have support and back-up when you’re in pain. Who’s going to hold your hands? Who’s there to comfort you? Who’s there to drive you in the hospital? If your husband is working, who’s the next person to take care of you when your date has arrived?

Eat the right food
Foods rich in magnesium should be taken more often so as to avoid fibromyalgia, a disorder where there’s intense pain, tiredness, and soreness. It can benefit pregnant women at this point of stage where chronic backaches, leg cramps, or joint stiffness are common.

Get some shut eye

Women who sleep less at night have undergone labor worth 11 hours and longer. So, if you want it short, sage, and quick, better get your dose of zzz’s worth 6 to 8 hours a day. It helps in the proper functions of the body to keep up to its daily tasks.

During Labor

Calm down and distract yourself
When the ache begins, you start to worry. But the best thing to do is distract yourself from the anxiety that is building up in you. If you worry too much, it’ll only makes your labor worse. Stress will make it longer and would give long, painful aches. Do other stuff like getting up and walk, do light exercises, read books, eat light, cook, do some laundry with sweet smelling detergents and more.


There’s power in smell. It can lift up your mood, cure illnesses, and can make you feel confident and positive in life. If you want to improve on how you are feeling during labor, pour some essential oils to make you feel better.  Lavender makes you more relaxed, while ginger help alleviate nausea. Also, chamomile is known to reduce stress, and orange makes you happy by constraining anxiety.

Eat light and bland snacks
Food rich in fats or sugar will make you feel queasy during labor. Since it’s going to be a long day when you’re feeling active, it’s best to bring some snacks to keep you satiated. If you’re in early labor, bring and eat bland crackers, yogurt, granola bars, banana, apple, and boiled eggs.

Breathe and push smartly
Smartly, yes. Breathing is important during labor. Timing it against the pain you are going through will help manage the aches affect your pelvis. Also, never force yourself to push, but rather, push when you feel you are ready.

Get a massage

A massage during labor will aid in alleviating pain. It will boost the blood flow in the system, giving women more oxygen to breathe. A massage will also relax the muscles during contraction.

Bonus: other things that makes labor easier

Want more tips? We’ve added some for you!

Try sitting, not lying own
Gravity is relatively significant. Therefore, opening yourself to other birthing postures might help induce a lesser painful experience of labor. Seated in an upright position may lead to a quicker childbirth. Just make sure it’s done in a safer position for you and your child.

Try some medical ways
Would you want painkillers? Are you open to C-section? If it’s highly needed or you don’t want to experience the pain yourself, you can talk to the doctor all about it, and explore some other ideas for on how to make labor easier.

Aqua therapy
Need some water in your life? You can try giving yourself a hot bath or soak a good, long time in the hospital’s hot tub. But the best water therapy? Drink more water! It’s important to stay hydrated during this phase in your life.

Though you cannot foresee how your labor will go; it’s best to equip yourself with the knowledge on how to ease it up for you. Prepare months ahead so that you can brace the whole experience physically, mentally, and emotionally. Anyway, aren’t you excited to see your little one?

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