Hunting for a job is never easy. In fact, it’s something that most people loathe. Without a doubt, job hunting can be a frustrating experience, but there are ways to make it easier.

You can spend hours poring through classified advertisements and sending out resumes, only to be rewarded with one or two interviews that don’t seem to go anywhere. It’s easy to begin to think that if you could just get a few more interviews, you’d eventually get the job of your dreams. Actually, getting an interview is one of the hardest parts of the job search process. Here are a few tips to landing a great interview.

Your Potential Employer Has All But A Few Seconds To Scan Your Resume.  Write a Cover Letter and Resume that Stand Out.

  • Add color to your resume
  • Add your photo to your resume
  • Go with a trendy template, than the boring old standard resumes you see countless times.
  • Look in the employer’s advertisement to glean skills and characteristics they mention they need.  Incorporate those skills you have into your cover letter and resume.
  • Use words like energy, intelligent, punctual and deadline conscious.
  • Consider a heavier weight paper that shows that you’ve put thought and effort into your presentation for that particular employer.

Get a Good Reference And Quote Them

If your resume is rather bare, consider getting quotes from people which you can put into your resume.  Adding something different is a breath of fresh air.

Ask a professor, former employer or a colleague for a reference letter, which you can quote from.   It’s a safe bet that most candidates won’t do this, and you might be surprised by the reactions this approach elicits. Your reference letter just might come from a distinguished individual within the industry whose opinion the hiring manager respects.

Learn About Your Potential Employer

Put something in your cover letter that specifically addresses the company you’re hoping to win an interview with. Do your homework, taking the time to look up the company website. Read their press releases and become familiar with their industry niche. If you can mention something relevant and meaningful to the company in your cover letter, you’ll be standing head and shoulders above the competition.

Send It Certified

Sending certified mail is so easy. All it requires is a little bit of time at the post office and a few dollars. For these sacrifices, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your cover letter and resume were actually received. Better than that, if you’ve taken the time to find out who is going to be doing the actual hiring and addressed your certified mail directly to him or her, you may have just bypassed several levels of employees who might have screened out your resume.

Free Resume Templates

Browse the very best resume templates on  Below are some of the ones which you can download for free.  Check out more samples here.  Stand out with something unique.

If you have any additional tips, we would love to hear them.  Comment below.  Thank you for stopping by.

The Best Resumes That Get Noticed

Free resume template (mint design)

The Best Resumes That Get Noticed

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Free Resumes That Get Noticed

FREE Resume Template

The Best Resumes That Get Noticed

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The Best Resumes That Get Noticed

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The Best Resumes That Get Noticed

Free Resume Template

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