Simple Beauty

14 Style Mistakes That Will Age You

Don’t fall into the trap of fickle fashion by learning what to avoid if you don’t want to look older than your time.

Super long hair

This isn’t a fast and hard rule as it really depends on your hair type. But, typically, hairdressers will tell you that post-40-year-old hair tends to become thinner and stragglier. No, this doesn’t mean you need to get that pixie haircut the moment you enter this decade, but do think about adding volume to your hair by getting layers and avoiding poker straight hair styles. Think Demi Moore, Brooke Shields and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Platform heels

While we love and appreciate the comfort yet chicness of a chunky heel (and in general, of an ugly shoe), a platform shoe is likely to add additional weight to the bottom portion of a woman’s body and dressing disproportionately, as we know, can make you look frumpy, too. When in doubt, go for a pointed toe.