Whether you dislike the changes that have taken effect on Etsy and are ready to move on, or if you are just looking for an additional website to sell your products on, here are 18 different websites like Etsy for you to choose from.

1. Scott’s Marketplace

Scott’s Marketplace is an online marketplace with a focus on local businesses in the United States. You can sell products that include handmade items, clothing, pet products, jewelry, and more.

The Facts:
  • Free marketing support that includes paid ads, blog features, product highlights, and more
  • Search engine optimization
  • Bulk-upload functionality
  • Doesn’t allow chains or large retailers
  • Continually adds new features and seller resources
Pricing Stucture:
  • 4.99% transaction fee
  • No listing or membership fees

2. ArtFire

ArtFire is another one of the websites like Etsy that specialize in crafts. The products you can sell include craft supplies, vintage items, crafts, and fine art.

The Facts:
  • SEO tools
  • Analytics capabilities
  • Resources for sellers, including podcasts, forums, and articles
  • Allows international sellers
  • Limit of 1,000 listings
  • Customization abilities
Pricing Structure:
  • Subscription fees
    • Standard: Up 250 listings- $0.23/item listing fee
    • Popular: Up to 1000 listings- $20/month
    • Featured: Up to 2500 listings- $40/month
  • 9% commission fee per sale for standard shop
  • 3% commission fee per sale for popular and featured shop

3. iCraft Gifts

iCraft Gifts is a handmade craft marketplace that only allows the sale of handmade art, crafts, and fashion creations.

The Facts:
  • Based out of Canada
  • Advertising opportunities on the website
  • No edible or used items allowed
  • Low site traffic and page views
Pricing Structure:
  • $25.00 registration fee
  • Subscription fees
    • Starter: 1-50 items – $5/month
    • Professional: 1-100 items – $10/month
    • Elite: Unlimited items – $15/month

Read more at blog.scottsmarketplace.com