“The two petitions submitted by Counsel Heckenlively together deliver an important message to the Federal Government regarding uninsurable vaccines that have been determined by courts to be ‘unavoidably unsafe.’ We demand a moratorium on childhood vaccines until and unless they are proven safe and effective, as required by law.”

The official petition on WhiteHouse.gov, which currently has over 6,600 signatures, asks the White House to do four things: Enact a five year moratorium on vaccines for children below the age of eighteen, repeal the 1986 National Childhood vaccine injury Act, perform large scale studies on both vaccinated and unvaccinated children in order to learn more about the effects of vaccines, and ban direct pharmaceutical advertising to consumers and only permit advertising that is directed towards medical professionals.

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On the best vaccine Books

Marsha Karzmer The first three you mention were the three I read back in the 80’s along with Mothering magazine that helped me make the decision not to vaccinate my children. So many good books and movies now to help people become educated. Anne Dachel’s book The Big Autism Coverup: How and Why the Media is Lying to the American Public is excellent and here’s a few more good ones. I’ve lent so many to people over the years my library is getting smaller.
Anita Heffalump Another great book is Take Charge of Your Child’s Health, by Dr George Wootan!
Alice Becker These are all great. I would add “Inoculated-How Science Lost It’s Soul in Autism” by Kent Heckenlively.
Anastasia Sims Callous Disregard by Andrew Wakefield is a fantastic book! Also, Elliott Freed has a great book for beginners called “Vaccine Primer: An Inoculation.” I just discovered How to Prevent Autism by Dara Silverman-Berger so it’s on my list. Marcia Hinds book “I Know You’re In There” is an awesome story of recovery. And any book on the lie of the germ theory is great as well. I can’t recommend enough the brilliant book “Good-bye Germ Theory : Ending a Century of Medical Fraud” by William Trebing!!!!