When people hear that my husband and I blog for a living, the first question they ask is …”how do you make money doing that?

I never fully am able to explain all the different things we do, so when I came across this article below  by Chrystal, at Yum Eating, I had to link to this post which lists over 270+ links showing you HOW you can make money from websites and blogging.

Chrystal breaks down her article into 9 different categories of ways of making money from online blogs:

Affiliates, Marketing Campaign and Offer Networks, Paid to Post, Sponsor Networks, Ad Networks, Sponsor and Ad Networks, Link Networks, Make Money Selling Ad Space, Earn Money Selling Your Own Products, and Other Places

270 + Places to Make Money Blogging

When I first started blogging online in the late 90s (think GeoCities and Tripod) I never in a million years thought I would be blogging for money. While I did always feel my blogging would lead to some sort of writing gig, I never thought it would be for the actual blog. Over the years I have started (and stopped) many blogs. I have moved them to other homes and watched blogging turn into this huge phenomenon for people to stay at home and make a living. While old school blogging platforms still exist (Xanga) many are here to make money.

I love the old- school blogging experience. Pouring out your heart and soul, connecting with others on a personal level. I have a lot of friends I have met over the years through blogging. Some have been around since the beginning. And even though YUM is a for-profit blog, my blogging buddies have all cheered me on.

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270 Links Showing You How To Make Money