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How to make your own pendant necklace:

Step 1:

Add a small amount of Diamond Glaze to back of glass circle.  Spread around with tip of dispenser or toothpick.  Press gently on photo to remove bubbles and hold for 30 seconds.

*Note: Keep a steady hand.  Do not wiggle the photo around too much as it will  smear the photo ink.  If you make a mistake (or see bubbles), don’t worry – Diamond Glaze is water soluble, you can wash off the glaze and paper from the glass piece and try again.  Allow to dry overnight.

Step 2:
Using X-Acto Knife, cut paper and extra dried glaze from around glass piece.

Step 3:
Add a small amount of E-6000 adhesive to the inside of pendant.  Once the glue dries, it cannot be undone.  Press the glass piece with photo into pendant.

Your done!

Don’t limit yourself to photos, consider old oil paintings, watercolor art and vintage black and whites.

This has to be one of the most perfect gifts to give.

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