A Quick Review of the medical doctors. 

-Dr. Sutton has about 3,500 patients in her integrative medical practice in Fair Oaks, California. She is a founding member of Physicians for Informed Consent, a new non-profit made up of doctors and researchers who oppose mandating medical treatments.

-Dr. Paul Thomas, M.D., a pediatrician with over 13,000 children in his practice in Portland, Oregon, has noticed that the children who are the most vaccinated in his practice are also the least healthy.

-Dr Bose Ravenel is a pediatrician with a total of 31 years experience in private pediatric practice and 11 years in academic pediatrics from 1976 to 1987.  He attended the rank of Clinical associate professor of pediatrics in the Univerity of North Carolina School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics serving on the faculty for the community pediatrics program at Mosses Cone Hospotal in Greenboro, NC before re-entering private practice in 1988. 

Questioning vaccine safety does not make you anti-vaccine. It makes you pro-health, pro-child, and pro safe vaccination.

Dr. William T. Redwood, M.D. is one of the most well respected emergency room doctors in the state of Georgia. He, too, is concerned:

“If you summarily dismiss the possibility that the increasing rates of childhood illnesses, including ADD, autism, asthma and other auto-immune disorders are connected to vaccines, you can’t figure out if our children’s health problems are vaccine-related injuries. The people at CDC who should be helping set policy on vaccine safety—I don’t think they are asking the right questions.” –Dr. Tommy Redwood, M.D.

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