Judy Smith asks- “Constipation relief and prevention help, please!! ”

Read as other members from the Natural Cures Not Medicine Group chime in on what works for them…..

Kathy Wenger – eat more vegetables and fruits, fiber. For relief I do an 8 oz purified water enema, I use a Fleet bottle, but I toss the contents as the solution is very irritating. I’ve also done 8 oz coffee enemas.

Jake Mesner- Magnesium!

Shelly Stephens- I love love love Cascara Sagrada as its not habit forming and has helped me heaps! If its chronic constipation and has been going on for a while it can be an underlying issue like thyroid low stomach acid or low bile etcc. good luck trying to sort it

Lisa Lively- Flaxseed

Mohamed Ghi Tawfik- do plants diet and drink warm water in morning before 1 hour of eating

Reneelizhailey- Pervais Mct oil in your coffee

Mandi Welch -Black licorice

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