If you are like the billions of people who sleep with their cell phone next to their bed, this could be causing many problems to your health.

The radiation that smartphones emit are really dangerous and not advisable for any reason. This is true at any time of the day, but in the hours when we are sleeping, having our cell phone near us can lead to nightmares, inability to sleep, and waking up several times each night, etc. The reason?It causes an alteration in the system of certain self-regulating processes, such as your biological clock or cardiac rhythms.

The World Health Organization has stated that electronic devices in general (not just cell phones) are bad for the body and can increase the chances of developing cancer.
They produce toxic effects that many scientists do not acknowledge, which is why you need to know that cell phones are based on ionizing radiation and wavelengths. One study in Australia showed that there is an important relationship between the use of smartphones and sterility in men, as well as reduced sperm quality. In both sexes, there was an increase in stress levels.

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