By Amy Livingston

Shop Store Brands

As a rule, store brands are cheaper than brand-name foods. This is particularly true for organic foods. In fact, in some cases, buying an organic store brand can be cheaper than buying a conventional, name-brand equivalent.

Stores that have their own house brands of organic products include the following:

  • ALDI. The budget chain’s Simply Nature line, introduced in 2014, includes fresh and frozen foods, pantry goods, dairy products, and snack foods. Most of these products are certified organic, but some are only “natural” – which means, in this case, less processed than most conventional foods. However, all of them are guaranteed to be free of 125 artificial or unhealthy ingredients, such as artificial sweeteners and trans fats.
  • Stop & Shop and Giant. The Nature’s Promise line is available at Stop & Shop supermarkets in the Northeast and Giant supermarkets in the mid-Atlantic area. It includes some organic products, some “natural” ones, and some that are only free from specific chemicals, such as artificial fragrances in cleaning products or growth hormones in milk.
  • Walmart. Through a partnership with the natural-foods chain Wild Oats, Walmart offers more than 100 products from the Wild Oats Marketplace line. Its offerings range from canned vegetables, to cookies, to spice blends. Nearly all of them are organic, and all are free of 125 unwelcome ingredients, including high-fructose corn syrup and monosodium glutamate (MSG).
  • Target. The Simply Balanced line at Target features a variety of natural products including snack foods, seafood, and dairy products. Many of these products are organic, and all are free of a list of specific ingredients often thought to be harmful, including trans fats and high-fructose corn syrup. Simply Balanced started out as a subcategory of the store’s Archer Farms house brand and was relaunched as a separate brand in 2013.

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