This expert in aluminum describes a research study that measured how the body ABSORBS the aluminum adjuvant in a vaccine. This study dates from 1997. Two rabbits were injected with radioactive aluminum. This study measured how much aluminum was expelled through urine. The results of this test were quite alarming.
28 days after the vaccine was given, only 6 % of the aluminum was excreted, so what that meant was 94% of the aluminum remained in the animals body.
Despite this study scientists falsely claim that it takes just a few weeks for the aluminum to exit the body . This is not the case what so ever. This study is still noted but yet the most important parts of this study were not looked at. The researchers “lost” the animals bones, and according to this expert, the bones are the main areas where the body stores aluminum. The muscle that was injected was not examined, so in other words they could not study if the aluminum stayed at the injected site or not.

“We have a study lasting 28 days, where as now there is no doubt that the adjuvant stays in the body for years. This is a study that says noting is a miss- very little is absorbed by the brain – perhaps after 28 days, but how about 6 months, a year or 18 months post injection? So this is the study that world wide vaccinology takes as it’s reference. Two rabbits whose organs were lost, and were studied for 28 days”

Taken from the Injecting Aluminum Documentary