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I have been holding on to a little 200 by 300 picture of a neoclassical room that captured my attention for years.  The small picture was held in my favorite files for years, before I know how reverse Google images search worked.  I happened to stumble upon Pbc Style Blog which featured larger pictures of this estate, and finally, after several years of interest, I was able to read more about this home.

The estate belonged to Edith Wharton (January 24, 1862 – August 11, 1937) who was a Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist, known for her short stories. Wharton was known for her novels such as Ethan Frome, The Age of Innocence, and The House of Mirth, but she also wrote books on gardens and architecture. Wharton was known to combine her inside view of America’s privileged classes with a twist of wit and humor.

Her book, The Decoration of Houses, was one of the first texts that addressed interior decor, which had a great influence on American interior design. The Mount was designed by Wharton in 1902, and was based on the ideas she outlined in The Decoration of Houses. Wharton drew inspiration for its design from Belton House, a 17th century Palladian-style English country house. The property includes the lavish main house and expansive terrace; the stables, greenhouse, and gatehouse.  In addition, three acres of formal gardens dress up the outside, surrounded by extensive woodlands.

After investigating this home, I was pleasantly surprised by The Mount Website, who has done a terrific job of taking lots of pictures of events, and weddings held at The Mount, which many historical sites do not include. Countless times I have come across other historical sites which all together show a handful of pictures, which if you happen to live several states away, or a country apart, you really cannot get a good look behind these grand homes.  The Mount website, on the other hand goes into great detail about the author, pictures of restorations, and a good look at the outside as well as the inside.

Follow the history behind this estate at their blog, and if you live in the area, keep up with the events held at The Mount, as this estate keeps quite busy.  In the summers, they hold evenings of music performed by the region’s most talented musicians, as well as readings and poetry.  Enjoy more history, and pictures at their website.

The Mount
2 Plunkett Street
Lenox, MA 01240

Weddings At The Mount

Weddings At The Mount

Beautiful Weddings At The Mount

A View Of The Building….

The Front Door of The Mount By David Dashiell

The Front Door of The Mount By David Dashiell

17th-century-Palladian-Style-Neoclassical-Decorating-Ideas-Edith-Whartons-Estate2-500x666Edith Wharton’s Neoclassical Estate

The Mount dining room plaster work

The dining rooms plaster work –

Rehearsal Dinners and After Parties At The Mount

Rehearsal Dinners and After Parties At The Mount

Rehearsal Dinners and After Parties At The Mount

The Mount’s Rustic Stables

Edith Wharton's Library at The Mount

Edith Wharton’s Library at The Mount

Real Wedding at The Mount Alison and Bill Skyed Photography,

Weddings At The Mount, Alison and Bill

Skyed Photography

A Look at the original wallpaper in one of the bathrooms

Original wallpaper fragment in guest bathroom photographed by David Dashi

A Close Up Look At The Wallpaper

Rehearsal Dinners and After Parties in The Mount's Rustic Stables.

The Mount’s Rustic Stables

The Mount's Formal Garden today

The Mount’s Formal Garden Today

Ready Luck Photography

ReadyLuck Photography

Beautiful Weddings At The Mount Eric Limon Photography

Beautiful Weddings At The Mount Showing The Gardens

Eric Limon Photography

Elario Photography

Elario Photography

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