Mammograms vs. Thermograms. Which sounds like the better choice to you?
(The following is a discussion taken off facebook, with both opinions present. This post is no substitute for medical advice, but rather just for educational purposes.  I warn you the debate on facebook gets pretty heated)


Becky Steele -Thermograms will only find advanced stage cancers, mammograms find things at an early stage, I see it constantly if you use thermograms for screening you may as well save you money! If money is the issue we do free mammograms everyday at St Francis if you qualify. Sorry for the bluntness but I’ve seen to many women trust thermograms and lose their lives!!!! I’m passionate about saving women’s love!

Val Uria I thought it was the other way around and that thermograms could actually show at risk areas before anything else shows up anywhere.

Becky Steele -Val Uria thermograms pick up and increase in heat in the breast which increases with an abnormality or tumor, sadly tumors that are deep in tissue or worse close to the chest wall aren’t picked up until late stage. I am a breast health navigator can sadly give you story after story where women trusted these exams, thought they did everything right and died from this awful disease of breast cancer.

Kathleen Wheeler You start with a base then you go from there, once you have a base you can tell if there is any changes. I have had 27 mammograms in my lifetime and feel it contributed to BC. You can do MRI and Ultrasounds in place of mammos and blood work. Will never do one again. Not a waste of money~~~it is used with the other 2 mentioned. But not everything is foolproof.

Becky Steele Everyone has their own right, I’m just stating my opinion, there is a reason thermograms aren’t covered by insurance, recommended by the FDA or ordered by Physicians.

Stacie Shannon Becky Steele what about the many many stories of breast cancer caused and/or exacerbated by mammograms. Or the stories of thyroid glands destroyed by mammograms, or the many stories of lives saved by thermograms?

Linda Pongetti You need to ask for a collar to protect your thyroid. They have them but you have to ASK for them. Not sure why it isn’t part of what you should wear normally.

Becky Steele Again it’s your choice, mammograms doesn’t cause cancer, cancer cells can’t be squeezed out or spread it doesn’t behave in that fashion, some cancers do but not breast cancer. I’m not saying thermograms don’t find some cancers and if you choose to use …See More

Kerrie Doran Miller Becky Steele so, if you are a navigator, then these women that died were having chemo, am I correct?

Lisa Fairly Light Becky Steele I don’t trust the FDA, they are allowing toxic chemicals in our products and foods that other countries have banned because they cause bad health issues. The FDA doesn’t regulate what goes into our personal care products and now we’re seeing news stories about talc and hand sanitizer that really aren’t safe to use. So the letters FDA don’t mean anything to me .

Alexis Bennett Becky Steele, remember the oath physicians take “First Do No Harm”? You may feel strongly about radiation being safe but the fact remains that it is not safe. And, it is cumulative. Radiation of breasts also affects close underlying organs ie heart an…See More

Georgina Deeley Anderson It shows inflammation in your breasts.. and also a test for your thyroid… if inflammation is not in the dangerous reading then offered tips to help reduce it and get your score down .. mine was high medium .. was recommended to get an ultra sound……See More

Tara Simmonds Linda Pongetti the thyroid collar is big and bulky and often times would get in the picture causing a repeat which is doubling your dose to the breast. When positioning for the first picture, the technologist really has to bring the breast forward to g…See More

Shelly Belle The reason thermography is not “covered’ by insurance is that pharmaceutical companies can not make any profit off of this procedure. Becky Steele is boldface lying… I would not trust the words of a stranger…instead, do the RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF to know the truth. Your health, your life is worth it. I will never have another mammogram.

Bobbi Jore You ant know what the cumulative effects are. Even my own dr told me they don’t know everything. She knows she’s been taught that you are supposed to do mammograms. Taught from the medical schools that are funded by pharmaceutical companies. That is th…See More

Anne O’Donnell Lisa Fairly Light If the FDA thinks something is good, we can be guaranteed it will harm us. When the FDA refuses natural health, and safe alternative treatments it’s becasue they can’t patent food and therefore, forfeit huge profits. Why else are they murdering holistic doctors???

Dawn Munnday 💔🎯😭😭😭Becky Steele telling people that the “pressure” smashing the breast flat cannot rupture a tumor or cause it to leak is a BALD FACE LIE!!! You really don’t want me posting pics of how i know!!! You see, they made one little mistake, because of sc…See More

Amy Wise Becky Steele. Your profession and income relies on and pushes mammograms so that really makes you biased against any safer alternative. Doesn’t it?

Ali Bayliss Shelly Belle me neither. Thermography all the way for me. I’ve had bc certainly don’t want it coming bck

Anna Santiago Stacie Shannon you’re absolutely right. Some people just need to do more research and stop defending mammograms.

Anna Santiago Linda Pongetti wow I was not aware of that, thanks for sharing. I was due for a mammogram last year and past up on it, because of the amount of radiation. Going for Thermography instead whether covered by insurance or not.

Anna Santiago Lisa Fairly Light the FDA doesn’t look out for us, they’re only interest is the pharmaceuticals and medical industries, that’s where the money is at.

Kerrie Doran Miller Becky Steele not wanting to argue here, but you never answered my question. Those women we having chemo, correct? You said you are a navigator. So, how would you know if they died from cancer or from the chemo? Just asking.

Andrea Snell Becky Steele are you paid by anyone in the medical field? Mammograms can increase your risk of breast cancer and the FDA is about as crooked as ya get.

Tracey Wiles Actually not true
Cancer is highly vascular & is so before a tumor grows
Thermography picks up this heat from blood vessels before gets big ( this dosent happen with mammograms average age of tumor detected on mammograms 4-8yrs

Kishelle Narine Agreed! mammograms are great at picking up cancer early! whats more important?! Some small risk of radiation or developing breast cancer??

Chantel Chavez Val Uria yup it’s the other way around, she’s confused

Shelly Belle Kishelle Nadine. Girl, you need to quit lying and get a conscience! “Small risk of radiation” times what? 10!

Mark Scott Tracey Wiles actually no, it depends on the stage, type, and many other factors of the cancer

Jen Barmeda Mammography exposes people to 0.4 mSv, while the extra dose from spending 2 days in Denver is 0.006 mSv, the dose from the airplane flight is 0.04 mSv, the average annual dose from food is 0.3 mSv, the average yearly background dose is 3.1mSv, and the …See More

Mark Scott Shelly Belle she is right. Specfically the dose on average for a typical mammogram with 2 views of each breast is about 0.4 mSv (thats mili sievert). In perspective people in the US are normally exposed to an average of about 3 mSv of radiation each year just from their natural surroundings….See More

Mark Scott Might want to look at this
A Comparative Review of…

Mark Scott “The greatest effectiveness of mammography vs. clinical examination was seen in detection of early breast cancers (small lesions with negative axillary lymph nodes). In this group, thermography was less effective than it was in patients with larger les…See More

Randi Pokladnik Had a lump you could feel but was not detected in a mammogram…they are not good for everyone. No thanks I’ll use my hand exam and skip the radiation.

Angela Ramirez Shelly Belle a mammogram gives off 1000x the amount of radiation that a normal X-ray does. Each time you expose yourself to a mammogram, you’re simultaneously raising your risk for developing cancer.

Rachel Russ The tumor I had in 2010 was 3” across and could feel part of it. Negative mammo. Negative ultrasound. Positive biopsy because I persisted. Sorry but mammo have errors & aren’t 100%. For BRCA carriers avoiding excess exposure to radiation is necessary. And for people like me with bi-lateral mastectomies and no recon we have no other choice but thermography.

Carol Dacey Not true! I know a very popular Dr in California (who practiced here in a Boston hospital) who’s mother died of Breast Cancer after going the usual route. She changed her whole outlook and opened up a very affordable thermography office. Actually a few of them one being in San Clemente California that’s the one I want to. Grateful I did🙂

Penny Graham Randi Pokladnik I was told in March of 2015 after my mammogram and them a second one and ultrasound that I had breast cancer! I have one every year. I couldn’t feel it or had nothing going on that made me think I would be told I had breast cancer.

Myca Bateman-Charters If you want to believe the companies who write their own studies, squash studies that prove them wrong and are part of a billion dollar industry that could care less about people and everything about PROFITS, then call alternative medicine/therapies co…See More

Shannon Ray Sewell Becky Steele being approved by FDA means nothing. The government makes too much money off chemo to care about early detection.

Cathy Swartz I had found a lump in my left breast back in January 2015, I had 2 mammograms n neither one picked up breast cancer in fact the mammograms never found my lump at all. I did end up with stage 2 ductual carcinmona invasive bc. Mammograms to me are a w…See More

Lee-Anne Enright Mammograms do not pick it up at an early stage & every single one you have pumps a massive amount of radiation into your system, Oh guess what causes cancer!!!!

Beth Mc I did a full body scan before I had back surgery.. thermography showed all my areas of pain.. ALL.. even my neck pain I have been having after all the doctors said nothing was wrong! My breast were fine! I stopped doing mammograms because they always c…See More

Heisen Bird If thermography really was both cheaper and more effective, then it would be the preferred mode of care in the NHS over here, as the health service has to keep costs in line with results. As healthcare is generally not a for-profit system in the U.K. (unless you opt for private), we don’t really have issues with these conspiracy hypotheses you do.

Myca Bateman-Charters are you kidding? Do you know how much money the cancer industry makes? Why are people so mean to each other online? So depressing.

Cindy Means Zuniga The issue with me is the radiation and the fact that they couldn’t find a golf ball sized mass just outside the breast which was breast cancer stage 3 after many mammograms on my mother who had yearly mammograms.

Lisa Schillinger Wisniewski You are so Wrong Becky Steele ….Mammo grams do not pick up early cancers, so many false positives and false negatives, plus your breast tissue is very very sensitive to radiation….. I’ve worked and studied in the x-ray field for many years. I wou…See More
The Best Breast Cancer…|By Dr. Christiane Northrup

Henri Steenaart Jen Barmeda How would you know coffee enemas don’t assist in curing cancer? Because you merely assume that chemo, radiation, and surgery are the only answers, because that is what we are told? There are a host of possible things that can be tried. Many…See More

Daniel J. Cavalier Bullsh*t! Bullsh*t! The mammogram did not find the lump in my wife’s breast 7 months prior. I don’t care how little the radiation exposure is. I believe 100% the mammogram caused the lump and there is NO convincing me otherwise.

Emily McCoy With the help of my amazing naturopathic-doctor, I have reversed my hyperactive thyroid and am in the process of shrinking a lump on my left thyroid. He is also helping my 8 year old with his Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder……you see, he is …See More

Sue Springstead Trying to say I’ve done thermography for years & it’s early detection at it’s best- 8 to 10 yrs. before other screening. A 25yr. Canadian study found mammograms more harmful then helpful- radiation, compression & many false positives!

Marilyn Morgan Holzerland Becky Steele.. you are 100% wrong. It’s the complete opposite, Thermography catches things BEFORE mammos do. REad up –…/ And trust the FDA? Seriously? They are owned by the pharm companies and have given our horrible and unsafe advice for years now.

Henri Steenaart Jen Barmeda I don’t think it is a mystery to anybody who has studied physiology from a true, natural health perspective, that refined foods cause acidification of the body. Our bodies are only designed to take in and integrate the more limited amounts …See More

Ali Bayliss Marilyn Morgan Holzerland well said I’ve had breast cancer. My hubby has researched thoroughly into thermography Defo the safer healthier way to go

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