Early Options, an abortion facility in New York, has a fancy website featuring happy couples embracing. The facility advertises something they call the “Soft Touch” method of abortion, which is a suction aspiration abortion using a hand-held syringe. In this type of abortion, a tube attached to a syringe is inserted into the woman’s uterus, and the abortionist manually creates the suction by pumping the syringe. This pulls apart the preborn child, forcing her, often in pieces, from the woman’s body. The abortion facility calls this type of abortion “noninvasive” and “natural.” There is, of course, nothing natural about inserting a tube into a pregnant woman’s womb to suction out her developing child. Women’s bodies are naturally designed to give birth, not to have their wombs invaded by medical instruments of death. Abortion, regardless of how it is done, is not a natural process.

The facility shows a five week abortion as a tiny amount of tissue. Looking at this picture, an abortion at this stage appears harmless.

But BabyCenter, a site for expectant mothers which is not affiliated with the pro-life movement, presents a more detailed picture of an embryo at five weeks.


The abortion facility depicts an abortion at seven weeks with this illustration below.  At seven weeks, there is a great deal going on in terms of development. The hands and feet are developing at the ends of growing arms and legs, although the fingers and toes have not separated yet. 

Brain divided into hemispheres, liver creating red blood cells, heart still beating, pancreas producing insulin, intestines developing, the growing child is far more than an empty sac of cells.

This is how the abortion facility’s website depicts an abortion at nine weeks..(top picture)

At nine weeks of pregnancy, a woman is carrying a seven-week-old embryo. At this stage, the child is beginning to take on a human appearance. Here is a picture of a preborn baby’s hands at nine weeks of pregnancy (seven weeks of age). 

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