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Dr. Linus Pauling discovered what really works with arterial Plaque and restoring Arteries! It won the Nobel Prize – Twice!


November 4, 2016


Three Steps to Natural Artery Health:

  1. Artery Clear               – To remove arterial plaque.
  2. Artery Restore          – To rebuild healthy arteries.
  3. Cholesterol Balance – To normalize cholesterolbalance. 

   The first step is Artery Clear! We must first remove arterial plaque buildup. Artery Clear is a natural blended supplement that loosens, removes and cleans arterial plaque! Based on Clinical research (in the A-Z Index below), Artery Clear is designed to work better than any other natural supplement to remove plaque. (The list of ingredients is below.)  After clearing the arteries, we are now ready for Artery Restore. 

The Problem:

   The body wants to heal damaged arteries with collagen fibers! If it doesn’t have the nutrients it needs to do this, it will send an emergency signal to the liver to produce sticky forms of cholesterol, LDL and Lp(a), to “patch” the damage. This produces the dangerous plaque we all fear.

The Answer:

  1. Artery Clear – will help clear arterial plaque naturally. This reduces the need for the liver to produce bad LDL and Lp(a) cholesterol. 
  2. Artery Restore – gives the body the nutrients it needs to heal the arteries naturally!
  3. Cholesterol Balance – gives the body the nutrients it needs to naturally further reduce cholesterol, lower LDL and raise HDL levels more, if desired.  

Artery Restore – the 2nd Step!

   Collagen is an amazing tough fibrous protein the body produces to hold things together.  The inner lining of the arteries have collagen fibers that keep it strong, smooth and flexible.  Dr. Pauling discovered that when this lining is torn or breeched by homocysteines, free radicals or other things, the body wants to build collagen fibers to repair it.  When it can’t do this, rather than bleed to death, it signals the liver to produce a sticky form of cholesterol, LDL(a), to patch the artery. 

Artery Restore is meant to be taken after Artery Clear has cleared most of the arterial plaque out of the arteries.  It is designed to give the body the nutrients it needs to make enough collagen to rebuild artery structural integrity naturally.  When it does this, the interior of the artery is smooth and flexible.  With healthy arteries like this, higher cholesterol is not as big a problem as it was before.  The cholesterol doesn’t have the tears in the interior walls it normally clings to.  (More detailed explanations and studies are available in our “A-Z Index” link below). 

Artery Restore Ingredients include:

  •      Vitamin C        2,500 mg 

This is an essential nutrient!  Other animals produce far more than humans typically take.  This is very important because vitamin C is essential to the production of collagen and elastin!  Collagen is essential because it is the major connective tissue in your body.  Collagen molecules are like the steel rebar in concrete.  It is the supporting grid that gives strength and stability to arteries.  This is especially important with the inner layer of your arteries, which is held in place by a sheet of collagen. 

Now we know that without sufficient vitamin C, collagen production falls and the artery vessel walls begin to deteriate.  This is what happens in scurvy.  When collagen isn’t being produced, the first symptom, bleeding gums, is simply the blood vessel walls breaking down.  Then, the entire body begins to break down and, eventually, internal bleeding causes death.

One of the byproducts of aging is the loss of collagen support, visible in the form of wrinkles – and stiffening of the arteries, increases in blood pressure, followed by cholesterol ‘patches’ and cardiovascular events.  Thus, we have a large amount of vitamin C and bioflavonoid in forms that are easier on the stomach.

  •      B-6   (15 mg),       B-12   (100 mcg),       Folic Acid  (200 mg)

These are your frontline defense against homocysteine damage to the arteries.  They help lower and normalize homocysteine metabolism.  Folic acid is a methyl donor in the remethylation of homocysteines to methionine.  According to Harvard Medical School, it can lower homocysteines about 25% by itself.  However, adding B6 and B12 makes an even better team, lowering homocysteines even more.

  •      Vitamin E         72 IU   

A significant body of research is available which shows vitamin E may play a significant role in the direct reduction of serum cholesterol.  The mechanism is thought to be a suppression of the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase by increasing the breakdown of the enzyme and decreasing lipid peroxidation.  Simply put, it inhibits platelet aggregation – the clumping together of cell fragment that can lead to plaque deposits and blood clots.

  •      Magnesium     125 mg

 This is one of the few essential minerals in which deficiencies are common – especially in people with heart problems!  Magnesium is important in relaxing the arterial walls, which improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure.  It helps prevents spasms in the heart muscle and coronary arteries.  This is a common cause of angina (chest pain) and congestive heart failure (failure to pump blood efficiently).  Magnesium also smooths out cardiac arrhythmias, helps prevent blood clots and protects against free-radical damage.  This may help explain why people with higher magnesium levels have a much lower heart attack rates.  (If you don’t take extra magnesium, or a multi with it, you may want to add 150-200 mg.)

  •      Manganese  (6 mg),     Chromium  (50 mg)

Manganese has several functions in the body including proper bone growth, blood sugar control, energy production and thyroid function.  It is also very important in the making of collagen!  Chromium lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels.   Even better, it is also one of the few nutrients that appear to raise HDL levels!  We also keep these at lower levels because many people also take our Ultimate Foundation multivitamin.  If you don’t take other sources, you may want to add 8 mg. manganese and 200 mcg. chromium.

  •      L-Lysine         1,800 mg  

Lysine is a necessary building block in forming the collagen that makes cartilage and connective tissues.  It “ties” the collagen helix together.  Lysine also prevents Lp(a) from sticking to the arterial lining.  If that isn’t enough, lysine also helps normalize cholesterol and triglyceride levels by helping produce carnitine.  That’s 3 things worthy of praise!

  •      L-Proline           350 mg

Proline is also a major amino acid found in cartilage and is a cofactor of L-Lysine in forming collagen.  It is the precursor to hydroxyproline, which is essential in collagen production – especially tissue repair.  L-Proline also supports the cardiovascular system in helping strengthen the heart muscle.  (As a bonus, it also improves skin tissue.) 

  •      L-Glycine          250 mg 

Glycine is heavily involved in the production of collagen.  It plays a unique role in fibrous collagen structural proteins because glycine is the smallest amino acid it is required at every third place in the triple helix of collagen.  Its single hydrogen atom is needed at the interior (axis) of the collagen helix.  This actually makes collagen stronger than steel

  •      L-Arginine         100 mg  

Arginine performs a small but helpful role in being a precursor making nitric oxide (NO) – which is helpful for artery dilation. NO relaxes the arteries by dilating them.  This allows blood to flow better and lower the pulse pressure.  NO also protects the endothelial cells lining the arteries.  It can also help decrease the formation of blood clots. 

  •      Q-10  (15 mg),     Hawthorne   (100 mg) 

Q10 is a very potent antioxidant, which neutralizes free radicals that can harm the arterial wall.  We also include Q10 here because Q10 is also essential for boosting the heart muscle’s energy level.  Studies show Q10 significantly reduces congestive heart failure.  Q10 does this with the mitochondria that produce energy in all cells and reduces congestive heart failure risk.  (Hawthorne has the unique property of both strengthening the heart and stabilizing it against arrhythmias.)

  •      Arjuna Blend       110 mg 

It is called a heart “superfood” in India.  It has been used for centuries at a 10/1 bark extract.  Arjuna helps to lower your blood pressure and improve circulation.  Regular use of Arjuna appears to prevent plaque deposits (perhaps even joining in joining in dissolving the existing deposits in the arteries).  We use it because It was found to be the most potent hypo-lipidemic (low fat) agent and induced partial inhibition of mammal atheroma (plaque deposits.)  The results indicate arjuna may play an anti-atherogenic (anti-plaque) role.  Prevention is worth a pound of medicine.


It takes decades to build up artery plaque. It takes some months to remove it. Some buildup of plaque is normal in all people from childhood on. It is when years have gone by without proper attention to it that excessive plaque buildup can become dangerous.Here are the recommended steps to remove plaque and restore arteries.

  1. Protocol to Clear Arterial Plaque Buildup.

The majority of people looking at our Artery products have serious concerns about artery plaque buildup. In many cases, the buildup is severe and requires immediate attention.We recommend taking 2-3 containers of Artery Clear for medium to severe plaque buildup. People reporting back usually see about a 25-30% reduction in their arterial plaque with 3 containers.

 Unless the situation is urgent, people can take less than the full number of capsules a day (it will work proportionally). If so, a container may last longer than 1 month. Most people find it easiest to take 3-4 capsules before bed, and 2-3 capsules when getting up (it works better on an empty stomach). Additional supplements or multi-vitamin / minerals can be taken during the day.

  1. Protocol to Restore Healthy Arteries.

   People can continue to take Artery Clear longer, if they wish, making sure their supplements include selenium and chromium. However, we recommend switching to Artery Restore for 3-4 weeks. Restore gives your body the nutrients it needs to use collagen to repair the arteries. This also triggers the body to reduce the amount of sticky cholesterol it tells the liver to produce. It is best to take Artery Restore during the day with meals.

Rotate: after 3-4 weeks of Artery Restore a person can stop the Restore and switch back to Artery Clear if they would like to reduce their plaque more. Just rotate 1 container of Artery Clear, then 2 weeks of Restore (2 weeks is enough to keep the body’s cholesterol signal to the liver low since it doesn’t switch signals quickly).

After 6 containers of Artery Clear (total), a person is usually around 15-25% arterial plaque, which is fairly normal for a mid-to-older person. Remember, plaque buildup has taken decades to accumulate, 9 months to remove it without surgery is pretty good! 🙂

  1. Cholesterol Balance – (if desiring even lower cholesterol.)

Using statin drugs to reduce cholesterol can work to a limited extent in partially suppressing production in the liver. However, without changing the body’s signal to the liver, you are fighting a natural process of the body. This is a band aid approach – and these drugs do come with some very unpleasant side effects!

Following the steps above, we will have naturally lowered cholesterol levels. Major improvements in cholesterol and Lp(a) levels are a normal result for the majority of people. However, there are some people that may still want their cholesterol production lower.

Now that the arteries are in the process of being healed correctly, we can focus on supplements that can naturally help reduce LDL levels and increase HDL levels even more. This is where the Ultimate Cholesterol Balance provides the nutrients that naturally reduce cholesterol even further. It can be taken during or after the procedures above.