March 15, 2017

The European Parliament overwhelmingly voted today in favor of improving farmed rabbit welfare.

By a vote of 410 to 205, drafting is now set to begin on history-making legislation that will enact a widespread EU ban of the use of battery cages.

The significant ruling will dramatically help the more than 340 million rabbits who currently experience extreme suffering each year while being inhumanely housed in these barbaric wire enclosures.

Battery cages, most commonly used for egg laying hens, are small wire pens where animals are crammed in; on the average allowing each one only 67 square inches of space, which, the EU Reporter discerned, is comparable to “less space than a single sheet of letter-sized paper” per animal.

“Today history has been made! One of the cruelest farming practices ever invented, confining animals in tiny barren cages for their entire lives, could soon be obsolete in Europe,” exclaimed Toni Shephard,

Executive Director of Animal Equality UK. “This is amazing progress for hundreds of millions of rabbits who currently endure extreme suffering in battery cages on European farms.”

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Chicken coop battery cages in the 1950’s- yes its been going on that long!

Breaking! European Parliament Votes In Favor Of EU Ban On Rabbit Battery Cages