Have you ever heard of mouth to mouth resuscitation on a bird? 

That’s exactly what an Australian man did to a dead bird he just saw drowned in his pool and his persistence paid off. 

If there’s one thing we all know about birds, they seem to be blind to spotting glass windows.  Luckily, for this Kookaburra, the Australian whose glass door he flew into knew exactly how to save its life after it fell into the pool.

The father of YouTube user Oxygnn was exiting his car when he noticed a bird fly into the glass door in the back of his home and he didn’t take a second to think about saving it’s life. 

He pulls its lifeless body out of the pool but the bird fails to respond to the delicate CPR. There was one option left to explore. They took an air compressor’s nozzle in the kookaburra’s beak, the man gives a few quick puffs of air and the bird suddenly responds back to life.  I have to admit, I started getting nervous when he used an air pump to push oxygen into the birds lungs.

Kookaburras are Australia’s most famous birds. Watch this remarkable video that has been viewed 15 million times.