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Autism mom absolutely SHREDS panel on vaccine truth. Not a scientist, not an MD, no CDC rep, just a very well informed mom of an autistic child who provides evidence beyond a shadow of doubt that it was vaccine-induced.

“I have NEVER seen a one-sided butt-kicking on this scale”.

“It was very easy to tell which guests had actually done the research and which were simply repeating the official stance.”

“Dr. Park and Sen. Green, who ARE both MDs, are sadly dim bulbs, you don’t have to be a genius to become an MD… you need to be able to screw your butt down to the study desk, regurgitate back what you are told, without questioning, and remain firmly on the side of present day medical dogmas… The other two, one a DDS and Master of Public Health, and a very well educated Electronic Engineer, understand MUCH better what SCIENCE is REALLY about.”

“I love how the anti vaxxers know more scientific data and research then the pro vaccine people”