By Denis Korn

I need to again alert all those reading this article to be alert, cautious and on your guard when buying so-called long term pouched emergency foods!  Tell your family, friends and associates about this post.  I have written extensively about the deception and misinformation being delivered by businesses that call themselves emergency and/or survival food companies.  I have over 40 years in the natural foods, emergency preparedness and outdoor recreation industries – I know deceitfulness when I see it.

This post is the result of another me-too, mediocre, Utah based (they are in other states also) so-called emergency pouch food company contacting me today to sell their food.  While I know there are legitimate honorable food companies in our industry, I am disgusted with those who are fooling customers into thinking they are purchasing foods of value.  You have probably realized by now that I am very concerned and troubled by what is happening in our important niche market of emergency foods.

Why? – because some day families may have to depend on their emergency food supplies for prolonged subsistence – the last thing they need are surprises, problems and significant disappointment.

What to look for before investing in Emergency foods 4

Here once again are the key problems these untrustworthy companies exhibit:

  1. The food is of poor quality and would be difficult for the whole family to digest and rely upon for extended periods of time – a complete nutritional balance with adequate caloric value is questionable.
  2. Serving sizes and the length of time complete assortments claim to provide food for is in most cases blatantly false and deceptive.
  3. Many recipes include ingredients that are marginal, low-grade, filled with flavor enhancers, artificial items and of cheap quality.
  4. Preparation can be deceptive – requiring larger quantities of water and long cooking times to reconstitute.
  5. Web sites are the result of the marketing department and statements referring to the foods offered are often false, misleading, erroneous and filled with exaggeration – As I have said many times most of the emergency pouch food business are marketing companies, not food companies.  I am always amused when I visit these sites and see all kinds of icons and phony awards they have fabricated.
  6. Having celebrity endorsements and significant advertising budgets does not at all ensure the value of the foods offered – in fact in all the cases I have seen and heard – it ensures an inferior product.
  7. Calling foods “freeze-dried” when there are no freeze-dried ingredients in any blends and cooking is required – just because freeze-dried foods have a better reputation – is dishonest and misleading – as is naming entrees with meat items in the title when there is no meat only soy and poor tasting flavoring.
  8. 25 year shelf life in inadequate quality “mylar”pouches – a marketing fabrication with no verifiable evidence!

I have included here a post I wrote recently titled 7 Things Every Reputable Food Reserve Company Needs to Tell You.  It deals with these same issues and offers a complimentary perspective.  At the end are links to other appropriate articles.

7 Things Every Reputable Food Reserve Company Needs to Tell You

I have written a number of articles dealing with trust, honesty, reflections, guidelines, questions to ask and recommendations concerning the purchasing of food reserve products.  While the food you rely upon in an emergency is vital and life sustaining, unfortunately few preppers and planers do the valuable research they should for this essential category of provisions.  This post is written to help educate and inform the serious preparedness planner.


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