May 5, 2017

by Michelle Chan
San Francisco BayView


Eight years ago, Melinda Garrett was induced into labor a month and a half before her due date.

To Melinda, the baby represented a new beginning, a way to right all the wrongs and trauma and abuse she herself had endured as the survivor of childhood sexual and physical abuse, sex trafficking and a previously stillborn birth. She swore to break the cycle of abuse and to give everything she never had as a child to her newborn baby.

She was never given that chance.

Shortly after Melinda finished successfully breastfeeding the baby for the very first time, CPS removed the newborn from her custody. She never left the hospital with her baby.

The charges were domestic violence, medical marijuana use and allegedly low birth weight. Except Melinda had a note from her obstetrician recommending the use of medical marijuana due to low appetite, and the labor was induced early, which contributed to the low birth weight.

And though Melinda had been the victim of domestic violence by the father, there had not yet been any incidents in which the baby was exposed to domestic violence.

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Parents Against CPS Corruption is hoping to decrease the incidence of medical kidnapping by increasing adherence to family and children’s rights.

Moreover, the group is encouraging people to call the SFPD Chief’s Office at 415-837-7000 and the SF District Attorney’s Office at 415-551-9595, to urge them to investigate and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law crimes committed against parents by CPS caseworkers. Parents Against CPS Corruption says that numerous police reports have recently been filed in response to criminal misconduct, and yet the SFPD fraud unit is reluctant to investigate because they claim “the loss isn’t great enough.”

To find out more about their cause, to join them on protests and marches, or for advocacy, peer support or court attendance, visit, follow them on Twitter @ProtestCPS, email, or call 415-815-9415.

Michelle Chan, co-founder of Parents Against CPS Corruption, can be reached at