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Global commodity trader, Minnesota-based Cargill Inc. has announced that they are completely phasing out of the beef industry.

The company, which is in the final stages of officially selling their last two remaining cattle rearing and feeding farms, should be feedlot-free by the end of this month. This marks the company’s complete departure from this aspect of the beef industry after having previously sold their other feedlots in July of 2016.

While remaining a leader in the industry primarily because of their agricultural commodity business and trading, purchasing and distributing products including grains, starch and oils, as noted on onegreenplanet.org, one of its biggest undertakings, until now, had been raising livestock and producing feed; ranking among the nation’s top four beef producers which combined, dominate more than 70% of the domestic market. They have put their old business model aside and are finally heading the plant-based route.

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Cargill Makes A Historic Exit From The Beef Industry By Selling Cattle Feeding Lots To Invest In Plant-Based Meat

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