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Catherine’s Favorite 10 Organic Beauty Products

Dr. Hauschka Products

For me, using as pure ingredients as possible on my skin has always been a priority. However, balancing affordability, performance and quality has not always been an easy task.

Some of my favorite green beauty products have come by trial and error, though I have learned of many more by word of mouth. So I hope that you find something useful in my product list, and in exchange, would love to hear of your favorite green beauty products!

Dr. Hauschka

I have dabbled with Dr. Hauschka products over the years, but recently began using their line exclusively. This is due in part to recommendations of friends, and in part to their availability in my local health food store.

Of their products, I use the cleansing milk, toner and light rose cream. I also use their eye cream. The use of their line has completely transformed my usual beauty regimen, in that Dr. Hauschka believes in moisturizing at the beginning of the day, not at night. The philosophy behind this is that the skin should be able to breathe while at rest.

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