Child Kidnapping & Abortions

Caught on tape: Late-term abortion facility offers to abort 37-week baby for $17,000

“A new undercover video shows the staff of one of the country’s most notorious late-term abortion facilities offering to abort a 37-week-old baby for $17,000 and help the mother get on Medicaid to pay for it.”

An undercover investigator from Abortion-Free New Mexico, identified only as Felicia, went into Southwestern Women’s Options at 37 weeks pregnant. She’d had two tests during her pregnancy that indicated her baby had trisomy 18.

“Two days after what would have been Felicia’s scheduled abortion appointment – with which the pro-life investigator never planned to follow through – she went into labor and delivered a baby boy.


“He’s perfectly healthy” and doesn’t have trisomy 18, Felicia said.

“This project has uncovered the shocking reality that the medical community is knowingly relying on faulty and misleading genetic testing that leads women to local abortion facilities to kill their babies,” said Shaver. “According to known published studies, 60 percent of prenatal tests can come back with false positives on babies without any genetic defects.”

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