A CDC study shows nearly an 8 fold risk of miscarriage in women who have been given the influenza vaccine. It should come as no surprise that there is no mainstream coverage of this or that the CDC maintain the vaccine is safe, despite previous studies showing similar results (which they cherry pick around to give preference to studies which show a safe result whenever they give something to the mainstream).

The results section of the last study I link gives some insight as to how many of the vaccine safety studies have been manipulated to falsely show a safe result. Basically, it says that, by adjusting the study parameters, where previous medical issues existed they were able to lay blame for adverse outcomes on existing medical conditions rather than the vaccine, but where no previous medical conditions existed they could only associate adverse events with the vaccine.

“Conclusion: SAB was associated with influenza vaccination in the preceding 28 days. The association was significant only among women vaccinated in the previous influenza season with pH1N1-containing vaccine. This study does not and cannot establish a causal relationship between repeated influenza vaccination and SAB, but further research is warranted.” –…/article/pii/S0264410X17308666

“Although there was an approximate fourfold (43%/11.3%) increase in the percentage of pregnant women vaccinated in 2009/2010 compared with 2008/2009, there was a 43.5-fold increase in fetal-loss reports – from 4 in 2008/2009 to 174 in 2009/2010. The report RR of 11.4 (95% CI: 4.2–30.8) of the 2009/2010 rate of 77.8 fetal-loss reports/1 million pregnant women vaccinated to the 2008/2009 report rate of 6.8 fetal-loss reports/1 million pregnant women vaccinated is statistically significant” –

“RESULTS: Of 3104 eligible pregnant women, 1094 (35%) received the influenza vaccine. Women vaccinated were more likely to be older, obese, primiparae, and have medical complications or a prior PTB. In univariable analyses, flu vaccination was associated with increased adverse composite outcome and PTB. After multivariable adjustments, vaccination was no longer associated with adverse outcomes in women with medical complications but remained associated with adverse outcomes among those without known co-morbidity.” –…