In a short YouTube video below Jackson acts like any other 6-year-old, but it was not always this way. Jackson was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at 22 months old.

His parents decided to take another route.  Instead of listening to mainstream medicine,  his father found a functional medicine doctor, Dr. Mark Hyman, who worked to address major health issues that Jackson had: gut inflammation, heavy metal toxicity – especially mercury, and nutritional imbalances.

Many people suspect a variety of reasons why autism is occurring. 

Can You Identify Heavy Metal Toxicity ?

Two prevalent heavy metals today are mercury and aluminium. Both are toxic.

The symptoms of inorganic mercury poisoning  are:

  • emotional changes,
  • headaches
  • insomnia,
  • muscle twitching,
  • muscle atrophy,
  • decreased cognitive functions

The symptoms of organic mercury include

  • neurological impairment,
  • loss of coordination,
  • muscle weakness

The symptoms aluminum toxicity is associated with:

  • mood changes,
  • muscle weakness,
  • seizures,
  • delayed growth in children and often mimic symptoms of other diseases.

And what symptoms do children on the autistic spectrum experience?

  • developmental delays
  • problems expressing their emotions
  • speech problems
  • aggression
  • behavior problems
  • mood swings
  • problems or unusual walking
  • cognitive issues

See the video here

I agree with the fact in the video cured the gut every health problem we have had starts in the gut/stomach, I am trying it for my self my son under the spectrum is also asking me NOW if he can go outside and play, he still has mild autism but boy the changes I have seen , there are no more behaviors actually he is behaving so well and proper, I have also remove all sugary toxin process items form my kitchen. No sugar, no cow’s milk, no gluten stuff and incorporate more fruits and vegetables (vitamins and minerals) and he is recovering, I’m sure this year or even the early next year he will be recover but it takes time to learn what the toxins are that you feed your family and those kids, to anybody that wants to help your autistic relative, invest a little time and a little effort in recognizing the harmful toxins of process foods , sugar, gluten, dairy, meats. I mean the cow’s milk is good for the baby cow and not for baby humans and think how can a cow grow big and strong out of eating just grains and grass then, how come we eat meat, for meat is a great other toxin acidic food that your body does not digest very well and it just stuck in your colon for days just feeding your parasites.  Parasites? Yes, we all have them and you are feeding them with junk food. hope my comment help you understand “cleaning the gut” point.