19th century french birdcage from Appley Hoare

19th century french birdcage from Appley Hoare.com

Bird houses never went out of style.  Vintage bird cages are made of a variety of materials. Traditionally, vintage cages are made of steel or wood, strong bark, acrylic, and even iron. Depending on what your taste is like, there is a variety of pretty bird houses that will fit into your budget.

Dream Wedding Decor- Seen on snippetandink.com

Dream Wedding Decor- Seen on snippetandink.com

Hutch To A Birdcage- Found on soulfulsparrowshop.blogspot.com

An Antique Hutch Turned Into A Birdcage- Amazing!!

Found on soulfulsparrowshop.blogspot.com

Furniture Turned Into Birdcages:

– DIY Chinchilla Pet Cage; a chinchilla cage we fashioned from a secondhand armoire here

– IKEA Hackers: Rabbit hutch for Amigo- here

– An old armoire turned into a birdcage – here

– Bird cage from old cabinet –here

– DIY hamster cage from Ikea furniture –here

Decorative Bird Cages Large 17" x 17" Metal Cage $55 Save On Crafts Decorative Bird Cages Large 17″ x 17″ Metal Cage $55 Save On Crafts

Birdcages Seen In Martha Stewart


Country Living - Collecting Birdhouses

Country Living Magazine

Special Birdhouses-Meranda's Picks

Home Bazaar Hotel California Purple Martin Birdhouse $394

Lazy Hill Farm Birdhouse With Copper Roof $704

Amazon Birdhouses- Meranda's Picks

Birdcage circa 2007, Country Home Magazine

Heath Outdoor Products Martin House– $49 Free Shipping

S & K 16-Family Martin Barn $39,

Home Bazaar Bird Houses, Many To Pick From – Amazon

Wilco Imports Birdhouses $30

Martin House Bird Houses $36- $42

Cuckoo White Birdhouse $64

Honeymoon Cottage Birdhouse $59

Arts And Crafts Birdhouse $82

Pavilion Garden Birdhouse $99

Antique Bird Cage- Seen at PBA Auctions

Antique Bird Cage- Seen at PBA Auctions.com

Collecting Birdcages- Meranda's Picksrylandwoodard.blogspot.com

Vintage Italian Florentine Bird Cage Found on parishotelboutique.com

Found on paleandinteresting.com

Found on theinglenookdecor.com