Camden Maple is thought of by his parents as a creative child. Unfortunately, Camden’s school does not agree with that sentiment. Instead, they have diagnosed him as mentally unstable. Camden is 7-years-old.

Christian and Katie Maple were called to their Lebanon, Ohio school to discuss Camden. They were asked by Bowman Primary School staff exactly what conversations they’d had with their son. They were essentially asked, threatened to disclose private and personal conversations. The school strongly suggested that Camden be placed under pyschological help. His parents disagreed.

What happened next was a deranged set of events. CPS and a handful of police officers showed up at the Maple’s home. CPS took over custodial rights of Camden because their parents wouldn’t seek out mental help for their son. And now they are in a battle to get Camden back home. This all seems to stem from an incident whereas Camden was being “disruptive’ in class. He was sent to the school counselor.