An Oregon mother is fuming after her children were taken away by CPS because her baby mistakenly tested positive for methamphetamine.

Back in August, Chierey Hupp rushed her little boy to Legacy Mt. Hood Hospital, where he was treated for a painful burn on his hand and a strange rash along his torso.

Ultimately, the baby boy had to be transferred to Randall Children’s Hospital for further treatment.

It was there that doctors told Hupp her son had Hand, Mouth, and Foot disease—a common illness in small children—and an accidental burn.

Hupp was then told that her son’s urine would be tested to determine his hydration levels.

“Thirty minutes before they were to release me, they said that I couldn’t take my kids, that DHS was on their way because he tested positive for methamphetamines,” Hupp told KPTV.


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