Most people have dated countertops in their homes, and would dream a slab of marble to replace it.  Why invest 4k when you can do it yourself for several hundred?  You will be blown away at the results of this product, and as soon as you see you can handle this, your mind will start racing on your new kitchen remodel! 

Scroll through their gallery of photos on Stone Coat Countertops website, and you are going to love what you are going to see!  Not only that, many people are setting up businesses offering this renovation for others in their local area.  It could be a great business start up that could do quite well in your area! 

Links to new Epoxy Art How To Videos:

How to clean epoxy tools, save brushes, buckets, trowels and floors! Packed full of tips and tricks to conserve time and money, Learn epoxy projects clean up process and more! You Got This! –
Earth Tone Countertops are very classic. Here we will show how we layer color and texture using simple technique. Many of the folks who made this piece had very little experience working with Stone Coat Countertop products and what they built was amazing!

Carol Mc Daniel How did they make the chiseled edge??

Greg Rich Go not to stone coats website. Look under training Videos. Scroll till you find the one on how to create rock face edge. It very easy to do. But you can not RUSH this step.

Stonecoatcountertops.comWhat an amazing kitchen project completed by Jorge. He transformed his black countertops into a beautiful white quartz look using Stone Coat Countertop epoxy and our natural Mica flake additive. You knocked your kitchen project out of the park!

This is the Classic quartz color recipe, here is a video link showing how to make this style! Color Recipe:

Paint and Primer in one: Natural Gray ​ Apply clear SCC Epoxy Mixed with SCC Silver Mica, SCC Crushed pearl Mica, and SCC silver glitter.

Trowel and chop the surface


What an amazing DIY kitchen transformation using Stone Coat Countertop epoxy. We love seeing the beautiful projects our outstanding customers create. Check out this first time users results! Thanks for taking the time to share your new kitchen countertops! Get your project started today at

“My husband and I are finishing building our house, and the countertops were one of the last things we needed to finish. I stumbled upon your product on Youtube, and we decided to give it a try. This was our first project, and I have to admit, we didn’t want to waste any product practicing, so we learned as we went along! The countertops turned out better than we imagined, and we are are planning on using your product again. Thank you!-Bobbi” wanted to share this amazing DIY kitchen transformation! Great work Brad! Thank you for taking the time to share your awesome project

Thanks for sharing Val and Phil, you guys did great!!!

” Just wanted to email you to tell you how happy we are with our new countertops. We bought a fixer upper. My husband and I are fixing it up. We just finished the kitchen. The countertops came out gorgeous. Everyone that comes in has absolutely no idea that they are Stone coat. They are totally shocked when we tell them what they are. They always think we went found beautiful slabs! We found you by accident. Someone sent your website to me as a joke! With a note saying here you go, now you can make your own countertops! First I laughed, and then I watched the video and sent her a message back saying, Very funny! But I can do this! Wait and see! The result was jaw dropping. We enjoy remodeling, this is probably our last remodel. My husband is 73 and I am 63. We needed to change the layout of the kitchen therefore we could not use the existing countertops, My husband had to make new tops from MDF. I got the easy fun job! I got to choose and apply your stone coat. If I can do it, anyone can! It was so easy. Most definitely messy, but well worth it. I covered the cabinets and floors well so we had no issues with the material ending up where it wasn’t supposed to. It turned out so well, that we are now in the process of remodeling the bathrooms and I plan on using stone coat for our bathroom remodels also. I will send you before and after. Enjoy! We will! Thank you for a great product! Val & Phil” Give us a call when you are ready to order 541-450-1976 the customer here used our white epoxy tint and used a black Rust-oluem spray paint to marbleize the piece with the black. They used the chopping brush to incorporate the colors together. Let me know if you have any further questions Stone Coat Countertop epoxy is durable. You can set hot pots and pans directly on the surface; however, just as any countertop surface, we suggest you still use hot pads, as it’s nonporous and food safe. You can clean with normal household countertop cleaners, but soap and water generally does the trick. Not much will damage the surface as far as spills and stains, but it’s good to clean up spills after you’re finished cooking and using your tops to prep. It takes three days for light use, seven days for cure and thirty days to a full cure where our durability video tests are shown at. Here is a link to our durability video showing what Stone Coat Countertops can take, we have tested up to 475 degrees ferinhight . Thank you and feel free to contact us anytime! Here is that video link:

Jenessa Carter Cummings We put in a large concrete counter on the island. Still unsure/nervous how to go about finishing it. Want the grey/white look. Not sure how to seal the concrete so it doesn’t soak up anything we put on it. Great question! Thank you! Many folks choose Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy to finish concrete surfaces. It’s a great application with stunning looks and effects. We use our same Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy to seal and coat the concrete. Old concrete with a sealer already applied needs to be cleaned and sanded with 220-grit before applying our Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy. If you have a wax based sealer, this must be removed because epoxy won’t bond to wax. Here is a free video training link to show a sample over a concrete countertop. Thanks again for the great question!

Tracy Grott Jessica Yarascuk Reed, we also did our countertop in early November. It has held up great thus far, but will say honestly that you will want to treat with care regarding sliding ceramic and/or metal dishes over the countertop surface. It will scuff but nowhere near what would be considered unsightly by any means! And according to directions, you can buff out any scuffs to get the crystal clear coat perfection to return…and PLEASE don’t take more from this than what I am telling you! If it’s you who poured the final top coat and saw the 100 percent crystal clear coat, you will notice a tiny scuff here and there from daily wear and tear if you drag and slide your dishes on it, but trust me, your guests will NOT, unless you point it out to them! And, AGAIN, any scuffs can be sanded and buffed out…and on multiple occasions without disturbing the base coat, the way I understand the directions! We are attempting to treat ours with care and use a si!icone hot pad or a wood cutting board under any metal or ceramic dish that has a rougher base to it to attempt reduction in scuffing the surface. We still, on a dai!ly basis, stand back and admire the Stone Coat product! AGAIN, compare a $350 gorgeous countertop to a $4,000 countertop?…NO COMPARISON when you’re on a tight budget like we are trying to help get our daughter through college but still desire an updated quality high end countertop! The few extra steps to help maintain and protect it is well worth the effort compared to the crazy $$$$ spent on granite, which for those who may not know by the way, also requires babying in and of itself with special sealants…and to me, is well worth the extra steps to care for it in exchange for what we were going to pay for the quartz countertop!! Look again at the pictures of our counter space…$4,000 for quartz?!?! We don’t have a large countertop area! And that was specifically requesting the cheapest quartz they carried!!! From what we are seeing so far, we expect that Stone Coat will maintain its beauty for years to come if treated properly! Remember to read all of their directions on care and suggestions! I wont ever use a Softscrub liquid, scratch pads or bleach on it. I’m convinced, treat it kindly and it will serve you well!

Dave Frank Hello! As for the “scuffs”, Did you allow the epoxy to cure thoroughly? (20 to 30 days) Mike has a video on “Durability and Heat Resistance” on YouTube. I, myself, have been using this product for 4 months now in my business. I built my parents kitchen countertops in their home kitchen reno. They’re as hard as nails! No scratches at all and they use their counters normally. They did treat them with “kids gloves” for about 3 weeks, after that, normal use. Just wanted to put that out there because I was really surprised to read this post. In my experience, if the epoxy is allowed to cure, you shouldn’t be seeing scuffs and scratches with normal usage. You’re counters look very nice by the way.

Tracy Grott That’s great to know, Dave! Thanks so much for sharing that!!! … and, no, we probably waited three days and began to use our countertops. This will be great info for people wanting to know more!! Again, when I speak of scuffs, we are talking very, very minimal!!! So, hopefully everyone can understand what I mean when I mentioned that.

Kay Henry P. Murray How do we learn to do this? Can supplies be bout locally ?

Tracy Grott You’ll need to purchase the epoxy clear coat and – if you want it to look like ours — the primer coat and silver mica flakes from Then the color variations are achieved by using multiple colors of spray paint that can be purchased at Home Depot or local hardware store. Read my post because I cant remember which it was at this time, but my post states which specific instructional video tutorial that is posted on that I followed in creating our countertop. We did not build a new counter — like part of that video instructs — but just went over our existing Corian countertop that we already had. Their product though is made to go over existing countertops or building your own out of MDF board. I have before and after photos posted. Thank you very much for your interest in Stone Coat Countertops! Our hands-on trainings are held here in our shop located in Southern Oregon, Wolf Creek, Oregon. The information we provide here live will be the same as our youtube videos, but many folks want that hands-on experience to boost their learning curve. This is why we provide these training classes. Our next available hands-on training is listed on our product page on our website here.…/hands-on-live-2…

This is a hands-on intensive training. We will start with the basics of Stone Coat Countertop epoxy and cover, how to make granite effects, how to make marble effects, how to create realistic veining, how to make different edge profiles including rock face edges, how to apply Stone coat Countertop epoxy over existing countertops. We will cover advanced coloring technique as well as possibly talking through a undermount sinks and how to build a successful business with Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy. Learn the tricks of the trade as you build samples as well as large pieces of Stone Coat Countertops. Class runs from 10am-4pm. We will provide lunch! Hotels are closest in the city of Grants Pass Oregon. You’ll want to fly into Medford Oregon. Thank you, we’ll see you soon! Book now spots fill up quickly.
We have extensive free video training found here at this link.
Call us any time for more information. Thank you!

Mae Bot I was just questioning if this would work on flooring! It looks amazing! Great question Mae! Folks love the fact that our flooring epoxy can be applied over multiple type of flooring including concrete, wood, vinyl, and tile. To install over wood sub floors first you’ll need to fill the seams and joints with bondo all purpose putty found here at this link,…/ref=as_sl_pc_qf_sp_asin_til…After the bondo has dried and has been sanded you can apply the floor epoxy like we show in our floor training videos found here.  If the wood floor is rough and in bad shape you can pre treat the floor with level quick floor leveler which prepares the floor nicely for the Stone Coat Floor Epoxy. Mae, Thanks again and feel free to contact us anytime for free project support. is feeling thankful.

November 22, 2017

Absolutely Amazing job Zak Palik, Thank you for the testimonial, your kitchen is beautiful

Attached are a few pictures of my completed countertop.

I wanted to build a bar in my basement and wanted to make something myself since I’m a DIY kind of guy. I was also on a bit of a budget so naturally I went to YouTube
to get some different ideas and that’s when I found out about Stone Coat!!! I decided to order up the 2 gallon kit so that I was able to pour a second flood coat and I happened to have just the perfect amount of material for the job. I built my countertop out of 3/4″ MDF and as you can see the rest was history. Stone Coat was so easy to work with and the best part of it is how nice it self levels out. I painted the base “Natural Grey” then poured out the epoxy added gloss black, dark gray, white, and metallic aluminum colored spray paints to the Stone Coat. I found that spraying the paint directly to the paint stick and then dragging it through the material didn’t work out well as it didn’t transfer much paint, so I decided to spray a line of paint directly to the top and then drag it around which worked out much better for me. The coolest effect is the metallic aluminum paint as it seems to have layered itself in the Epoxy and has a little shine in certain angles/lights.

I don’t write up many reviews however I was so impressed with the outcome of this countertop that I felt compelled to do such. Here in the near future I now plan on building an MDF countertop for a powder room vanity and applying Stone Coat to it as well. This will be really neat as my plan is the covert it to a vessel glass bowl setup to really highlight and show off the artwork….I mean Stone Coat.

Thanks again…..
Zak Palik