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Create Your Own Faux Mercury Glass For Under Five Dollars!

I love mercury glass. I love that old, vintage, worn out shine. I don’t love the mercury, I mean who wants to be mad as a hatter? Not me!

I fell in love with these oversized hurricane lanterns from Mythology–but it’s $140 for ONE. ummmm…not in my budget. And even if it was, why would I pay $140 for something that will probably be broken by a soccer ball flying through the house??

So I found my own glass hurricane lanterns at Goodwill for $2.99 each. the are perfect!! Big and oversized, just begging to be mercurized! I hopped over to Hobby Lobby and picked up a can of Krylon Looking Glass Paint. Now I’m set!

Watch her youtube tutorial at

Inspiration!  Uttermost 19753 Lamaison Set of 3 Mercury Glass Bottles

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