Wood Children’s Toys


Uncle Goose Presidential Blocks

President Block Set

Uncle Goose Lowercase ABC Blocks

Uncle Goose Swedish Blocks

Displaying painted toys around your home is one way of adding an old fashioned feel to your home. Wood toys are completely different from the ones that kids normally play with and can be in-fact far more interesting for any child. Wood toys look even better as they age. As the paint wears, the wooden toy gets naturally distressed with handling. Wooden toys stand up quite well to rough playing. Often times wood toys are stronger and more durable over the years. Wooden toys are easier to repair, as a bit of glue and paint is usually all that is needed for minor fixes.

There are a number of wood toys you can buy, everything from blocks, to wooden games, to pull horses. Smaller kids can be entertained with building and alphabet blocks whereas older children can be kept occupied with wooden assembly kits.