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It is a shame when a beautiful plate gets separated from its original family. If you are a transferware collector then you know all to well how common it is to find a single saucer or dinner plate abandoned at a garage sale leaving you to wonder what to do with it.

Have you ever heard of decoupage art?

Decoupage is simply the art of hand cutting graphics and decorating an object such as a plate, vase or a piece of furniture by gluing paper cut-outs onto it.

Decoupage is an inexpensive way of spicing up an old chest or extra china collection that you may have around the house with simple old fashioned paper, and glue. With a little patience, you can cover a set of miss-matched plates with beautiful wallpaper or prints in no time.

Borrow Ideas From The Best In The Business

John Derian

John Derian is a professional decoupage artist who also happens to be collector of 18th and 19th century paper printed antique documents and letters. Most anyone who decoupages, knows of John Derian.
His passion are maps, trade cards, and handwritten letters. “I seemed to be drawn to the 19th century. There are so many beautiful lithographs (from that era), so I started collecting them.”
It all started 16 years ago when he found himself drawn to vintage cards and almanacs. He found himself collecting enlarging parts of handwritten letters from the 1800s for a collage experiment, and it was at that point when his hobby started making money. His technique which is known as “reverse decoupage” is where he applies his carefully cut photocopied prints to the backs of clear glass plates.
He recently told the Denver Post that when he was 20, he was enrolled in college, but found himself more drawn to antique hunting, so he skipped school and went after his passions full time. When his passion started becoming a full time job, he decided to open up his business in Manhattan’s East Village. At the time, he hoped it would just pay the rent. Today he sells a collection of wares to 300 stores, including your local Target. John Derian’s decoupage plates in New York are hand crafted, while his line for Target is mass produced for the public.
Beat-up Creations

Once you visit Beat-up Creations, you will see their hilarious sense of humor. They have a fantastic collection of decoupaged china, in which they use orphaned antique plates and transform them into new modern portrait plates. Buy a centerpiece plate and hang it up in the dining room, bedrooms, guest bathroom, and show people the fun side of your personality.

Bryonie Porter

Bryonie Porter, is also well known for their decoupaged furniture. Using exquisite wall-paper designs, they take attractive furniture and apply prints which would fool you into thinking they were hand painted much like chinoiserie furniture.

They have been known to work with toile wallpaper, fun map prints, and really wild art deco designs. If you have a blue transferware collection, consider wallpapering your favorite chest with toile wallpaper to further emphasis your collections.



Marie Beartoinette Queen of France- From Beat Up Creations

Marie Beartoinette Queen of France- From Beat Up Creations

It looks like they sell duplicates, even if this one is sold!

Decorative Map Plates-

Decorative Map Plates-

This box is covered in decoupage decoration

This box is covered in decoupage decoration


Jayne Wrightsman’s Furniture Auctioned by Sotheby’s in New York April 22, 2010

You could re-produce this thousand dollar look with decoupage

Fornasetti Trumeau cabinet ($29,980,

Get the look of this Fornasetti Trumeau cabinet ($29,980, with decoupage.

Plates are from Aimee at Suzy Cucumber!

These charming Decoupage Plates are from Aimee at Suzy Cucumber! She actually used her printer to print onto tissue paper, before applying these to the plates! She used several of Graphic’s Fairy Apothecary Labels for this pretty project!!

How to Decoupage A Transferware Plate

1. Cutting out the images is one of the most tedious parts of decoupaging. For a professional look, it is important that you take the extra time to cut out crisp images.

Secondly, great graphics are needed.

  • Did you know that many wallpaper stores simply throw out their samples every few months? When I lived in Virginia, many of the paint stores sold wallpaper, and every couple of months, books with dozens of stunning prints would go into the dumpster. Consider contacting your local wallpaper stores to see what they do with their old wallpaper books. This is a very easy way of getting really nice images for next to nothing.
  • Libraries are another excellent resource. Thousands of prints can be found there, and photocopied for your own personal use. (Do look into copyrights if you plan on doing it as a professional hobby)
  • Do not use your original cutouts. If you damage the original, you have no fallback. Photocopy your images, which allow you to use the same graphic in multiple places. Laser copies are less susceptible to ink bleed than ink jet copies.

On to Decoupaging Transferware……..

1. Lay out the pieces out as you would want them to look on your plate. When you are happy with the way they look, you are ready to apply the glue.

1B. Make sure that your plate is dry and free from any kind of dirt.

2. Before applying the glue, submerge your printed piece in a bowl of water large enough to hold a single image and fill it with water. Let the image “relax” until it stops curling and floats freely without wrinkles. With a bit of glue on your fingers, lift the image carefully, and position the image on the glued surface.

When you’ve got all your images in place, gently spread the glue across the image. Coating the piece with a coat of Mod Podge will give it a glossy look just like china.

On to Decoupaging The BACK of Clear Plates……..

1. Pick out your images, and arrange them in a way that looks attractive on your plate.

2. Apply a coat of decoupage to the back of your plate.

3. Submerge your cut-outs of wallpaper into water. Then submerge the image into a plate containing the glue Mod Podge and apply them to the plate.

4. With a foam brush, apply a generous layer of decoupage glue over the cut-out pieces.

Helpful Decoupaging Tips

  • – Avoid decoupaging with thin paper. Thin paper often wrinkles, and tears very easily.
  • -Many copy stores are capable of producing beautiful prints that can blown up to cover any large piece of furniture.
  • – Ink-jet photo copies smear when submerged in water and varnish products.
  • -Keep your hands wet or the paper will tear.
  • – Use a wet paint brush sponge and and work out excess glue, water, and air. Work outward from the center using a foam roller to flatten the surface and even out the glue under neath your print.
  • -Avoid bending or crumpling the print, as it gives the finished product a bumpy, ugly look.
  • -Within the first hour after the application, check your plate or furniture piece to smooth out any air bubbles with wet fingers. This tip has saved my projects many times! Let your furniture dry overnight.
  • After your piece completely dries within a 48 hour time period, you will need to apply a sealer. It is extremely important that your first coat is a water based polycrylic. If you use an oil based polyurethane, it will leave spots in your collage, and potentially ruin it.

Pink Desk By Bryonie Porter

Pink Desk By Bryonie Porter

Modge Podge seals collages which dries to a rock hard finish. It can also DOUBLE AS GLUE. It can be used to glue your paper down and and seal your final piece. Modge Podge is available in Gloss, Satin and Mattefinishes. Mod Podge also has an excellent line of fabric glue.

While many people decoupage plates, some people enjoy decoupaging furniture. After years of painting furniture, I had to learn the hard way that a water based polycrylic clear sealer is always the very best option on white painted furniture. The first time I used an oil based polyurethane my beautiful white dresser had a yellow hue to it. Over time, the polyurethane just gets darker.

Polycrylic comes in a satin and semi gloss, and gloss finish. It also comes in a beautiful spray, which makes it much easier to produce a clean even finish.

Blue Toile By Bryonie Porter Wallpaper by Timorous Beasties

Blue Toile By Bryonie Porter Wallpaper by Timorous Beasties

Both polycrylic and Mod Podge are excellent products that seal furniture, I would avoid oil based projects for white or decoupage projects.

  • Acrylic lacquer avoids the yellowing problems associated with nitrocellulose lacquer. Acrylic resins go on crystal-clear and stay that way over time. The most widely used Acrylic lacquers is called CAB-acrylic lacquer, made with cellulose acetate butyrate and acrylic resin.
  • Work with a product called Polycrylic. It is water-based and has done me right though the years.

Rose Painted Chest Of Drawers Dresser French Design Sold By Ambiance Chateau

Rose Painted Chest Of Drawers Dresser French Design Sold By Ambiance Chateau

Decoupage is easier than you think.

Go With Simple Chests Than Carved Pieces

The only way it becomes complicated is if you pick an ornate dresser.Vintage modern dressers are practical pieces to decoupage, because the lines are boxy.

Look For Wallpaper “LotsOn Ebay

Some of the most beautiful designs are those from wallpapers instead of cut-outs. Consider buying a “lot” of wallpaper from ebay.

Look For Ornamental Books On Amazon

Ornamental Borders, Scrolls and Cartouches In Historic Decorative Styles -Download the entire 130 page document here

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