Wall Sconces

Swedish Empire Giltwood Mirror, Gothenburg circa 1820 Lundgrens Antikhandel

Swedish Empire Giltwood Mirror, Gothenburg circa 1820 Lundgrens Antikhandel

Gilt Sconces

Wall sconces have been used for centuries to light up the home and extend the available day hours.

Wall sconces have always remained popular because of their ability to transform a room and translate the feeling of classical antiquity. An antique sconce has been seen on historical highly decorated buildings, giving many homes that extra elegant touch.

Wall Sconces Can Be Practical And Safe

Not only are sconces very elegant and refined, but they can be practical at the same time. Sconces can be more difficult for children and pets to knock over and break because they are mounted on the wall compared to the traditional candle or lamp. You can have the romance of a candle, while at the same time, not worry about if it will be knocked over.

Wall Sconces Can Add Additional Room For Other Decor

Sconces set up on the wall can also save a lot of table room giving more space for pictures, decor, flower arrangements and practical working space, instead of traditional lamps.

Sconces come in large variety of styles, as they have been given many face lifts over the years. Wrought iron sconces are ideal for the outdoors, being that they stand up better than other materials, where as decorative sconces shouldn’t go outside, as over time the wood will rot, and become terribly weathered.

Wood Or Iron Sconces?

Sconces made of iron can be both formal and informal, and can stand up overtime in the change of seasons. Iron sconces work nicely in a French country styled interior. Classic wood gilt sconces would be the ideal choice for a Swedish inspired home.

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Carefully Select Where Your Sconces Will Appear….

The location for your sconce should be carefully considered. Unless they are the showcase of the room, a sconce and picture frames should be one of the last things to consider after your furniture is placed in the room according to the available windows.

Sconces are typically hung in coordination with a piece of furniture, or on a small wall that would showcase them well. If you are using sconces to accent a point of interest, like an interesting antique desk, be sure the to consider the layout of your furniture to have enough wall space for your coordinating sconces. Sconces always add an unexpected touch of class to any atmosphere.

Sconces hung too low can be a hazard, and hung too high can be impractical if you cannot reach them. Many people shy away from candles because they don’t want to cause a fire in their home. Everyone should be extra careful when it comes to lighting candles. Candles should never be lit around children, because children themselves are unpredictable. Candles should always be lit in the room that is being used. Candles through out the home, unattended should be a cause for concern.

Although candles can add a warm mood for parties, consider if the guests are drinking. Do not place sconces directly where someone will be sitting or lit in hallways without furniture to buffer the area surrounding the sconce. Walking down a hallway, and bumping into a sconce can be a fire hazard if there isn’t enough room for a candle wall ornament.

The secret to not causing a fire is always to place sconces where people are not going to bump into them. Perhaps a table sits underneath them, or they are positioned in a corner where furniture can act as a buffer.

If you have enough room for sconces in the hallway, the effect can be quite spectacular. Placing the wall fixtures 6 to 8 feet apart in length of your hallway can be a very stunning visual effect.

What ever the placement may be, consider that flammable fixtures should never be positioned anywhere around or near curtains and draperies. As the summer breeze fills the room, curtains tend to blow. In the days of old, flooring was made of stone, so candles to the most part wouldn’t be that much of an issue.

In Sweden, everything was made of wood, so even back then, they had to be extra careful. With today’s home, carpets are the norm, and drapery and upholstery are everywhere, so careful consideration with the placement of your candle should always be a consideration.

Modern sconces are also conveniently wired for electricity. Sconces provide a soft glow that most lamps cannot create. They also elegantly reflect light on some of the missed architectural elements of the home.

Where To Place Sconces

Lighting fixtures such as these should be placed around the midpoint of a wall. If you can place it above your line of vision it will create a softer effect, than being glaringly noticeable around your natural eye level. Most newer fixtures should come along with mounting hardware, but if not, be sure to have a wall anchor of some sort that will safely allow the weight of the candle. If you are not familiar with handling electricity, then it’s a good idea to hire a professional electrician who can professionally create a box for your new electrical sconce.

Wall sconces are very versatile and always provide a romantic intimate soft background illumination. They are certainly worth the consideration because they provide a different atmosphere than regular desk lamps.

There is nothing like sitting and having a glass of wine with friends and family by candlelight flowing through the home in a combination of dimly lit lamps. They are absolutely ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms where a candle lit above the bath eases away the days stress.

A wall sconce is also ideal for small spaces, as the light doesn’t use up precious floor or table space. No matter which space you use your sconces in, they are incredibly romantic, and can create a relaxing mood in your home which really does make a difference in your overall mood at the end of the night.