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DIY Family Wall Pictures

You would never guess that these picture frames above were made from frozen orange juice concentrated lids.  Next time you do your grocery shopping, go by the frozen isle and look at the juices.  Chances are you will run into these very lids I used to display my pictures.

If you like what I did, you will need a large picture frame.  Simply take the glass out, and cut a piece of plywood for the inner area of your frame.  You can paint the whole frame, or use a brightly colored felt as your backing.

Simply use a 2.5 inch paper circular punch, along with spray paint to paint the juice lids.  You can paint them a nice light yellow, gold, silver, black or any color for that matter that will fit within your decorating scheme.


Little brass hooks hold up the wood plaques.  The beauty of this concept is you can change up the pictures often.  You simply have to drink more juice!  ha ha!

What do you think?  Would you do this for your home?


Purchase these wood plaques for the backing.  Buy 10 for just $2.78 here on ebay

Picture Frame Project

You also need a 2.5 inch paper circular punch

My Wall Picture Frame - Hersite BlogDozens of lids ready to be used.  As you can see we went through a lot of orange juice. 

My Wall Picture Frame - Hersite Blog

Here you can see I am measuring out the holes for the brass hooks

My DIY Family Wall Photos

My Wall Picture Frame - Hersite Blog

Here is the look as it stands now.  I need to add more pictures, but as you can see it is a beautiful concept.