What do you look for when looking through your local facebook marketplace, thrift stores, or estate sales?

For me, furniture seems to always catch my eye.  I never have enough room for all the beautiful pieces I come across, yet, I still open up my pocketbook.

Last fall I needed something to hold our firewood. I looked under our house and there was an antique twin bed I happened to pick up for $10 dollars that worked perfectly.

I cut the middle section of the bed off, and held it together using 2×4’s and lag screws.  While this piece isn’t perfect in many areas, it certainly looks great.

I wouldn’t be able to finish this project without the screws you see holding it together.  They are called Star Lag Screws.  If you are looking at making something sturdy, consider purchasing these heavier screws.  To finish the look, I simply just sanded off some of the original paint to unify the 2×4’s into the design.

What do you think?  

~ Meranda