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How I Turned Hot Water Tank Drain Pans Into Wall Decor- Our DIY Home

My Tray Wall Decor - Hersite Blog

DIY Wall Decor

Originally I was looking for a round tray to use for my daughters magnetic alphabet letters, commonly seen on most fridges. I wanted a cute metal tray that we could put away without the little letters winding up on the floor like 99% of her other toys.  I bought two of these trays, brought them home and found the magnets don’t work on them.

I needed a plan for these two round trays I bought, otherwise they were being returned the next day.  I looked in my hardware drawer and found some hardware that could be used to cover the holes, and my brain started firing out ideas for these trays.  I had an idea….

Two very large washers were sandwiched on either side covering the hole and holding the hardware in place.  Metal rope, ( originally used to hang planters ) was attached to either side.  The pans and rope was painted in a light gray.  Curtain holders were used as a decorative element above the pans.  Two vintage brass candlestick holders were manipulated into the design to make it work.

Can you guess what the round trays are? 

They are none other than hot water tank drain pans.


My Tray Wall Decor - Hersite Blog

They look large, and certainly could be dressed up in so many other ways.  This was simple, and such an easy project. 

My Tray Wall Decor - Hersite Blog

The hardware really dressed up these plain pans

My Tray Wall Decor - Hersite Blog

Yes, you saw that correctly!  Hot water tank drain pans on the wall!