Expired Food Storage Testing – One Brand NOT To Buy

We are always experimenting with our food. What tastes good, and what doesn’t. Long term food storage doesn’t have to taste bad. You just need to know what brands to avoid.

Pasta Is A Great Buy!

Pasta is always a great buy. You can store pasta for years and it will still taste pretty good. Mix it with a canned item. I stumbled across a three bean salad in the can which can be mixed in with small shells to make a nice lunch or dinner.

Think about what you can put together that can sit on the shelves long term without going bad.  Cans are almost always a great buy, because even if they do go past their expiry date, they are generally pretty good.

Heavier Plastics Are A Great Long Term Buy!

Another really great purchase is dry mixes in heavy plastic.  Betty Crocker or Marie Callenders bread mixes are great.  Avoid any brands which air might over time spoil the food.  These heavier plastics tend to keep well long term.   We had to dump all of our Jiffy mixes which didn’t taste good after their expiry date.  On the other hand, Betty Crocker brands seemed to hold up many years after their expiry.

Emergency Food Ideas

Easy salad ideas with pasta!

What an easy dish to make from prepping supplies

Emergency Food Ideas

Passover crackers NEVER Go bad!!

Unlike other crackers, they seem to stay fresh!  

You can eat 5 year old Passover crackers, and they taste great!  

My morning breakfast, – stick them in the toaster, and put jam or nutella on them.  YUM!!

Emergency Food Ideas

Juffy gets a huge thumb down.  Buy Betty Crocker brands

Even when her foods expire, they taste great!

Emergency Food Ideas

See here, made in 2015, 

Betty Crocker expired in 2008, 

Jiffy expired in 2012.  

Betty Crockers brand tasted great, while Jiffy almost had a chemical taste.  

Emergency Food Ideas

On the left,- Betty Crocker

Jiffy is on the right.  See the difference?