Spring Heels

There is a wide range of fashionable shoes to pick from, including pumps, platforms, sandals, wedges and boots. Heels don’t have to be too high to be in style and acceptable. Here are a tips to choosing the right pair of high heeled shoes:

Event Style

The outfit you plan to pair your shoe should be taken into consideration when choosing the right shoe. A pair of heels tend to enhance the look of mid length skirts. Silk cropped pants are often paired with highly decorative heels. Avoid pairing longer skirts, or patterned business suits with extravagant heels that take away from the outfit itself. Typically solid colored outfits are paired with decorative heels, and patterned dresses, or suits often need something more refined such as a patient leather heel. Avoid wearing black heels with lighter pastel outfits unless bags and belts are coordinated.


We have stilettos in our closets that have never been worn. They are pretty to look at, but very uncomfortable for most women. With higher heels such as stilettos, beware of strappy styles. They look sexy, but ankles can be twisted easily. Stappy heels work best with a wedge heel. Wedge heeled shoes do provide flexibility and can give the leg that slimming look we all want. They have all the benefits of a heel, being that they add extra height, while at the same time are easier to wear. Pair them with mid length skirts for casual every day use, and buy leather styles for the office.

High heels don’t have to be stilettos to look trendy. If the higher heels don’t provide you comfort, look for a lower heel. Open toed “peep” heels can provide that sexy appeal. Sandals fastened at the ankle, or higher up the leg, will draw attention to legs and bring out that feminine side of your personality.


Ankle Strap Shoe

Ankle Stap heels have a single or multiple strap that fastens around the ankle. Straps can also include laces, ribbons and other material which wrap around the lower part of the leg, as in a Bondage sandal.

Ballet Flats

Ballerina flats are inspired by ballet shoes. This versatile shoe has become a wardrobe staple for many women. A Ballet Flat is a flat-heeled, enclosed shoe, almost like a slipper. These shoes are easy to slip on as they are low-cut and leave the top of the foot exposed. The embellished ballet flats are a recent trend, with beads, jewels and fringes.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels have usually 1.5 inches or less heels and are set in slightly from the back of the shoe. These cute, very feminine shoes are an alternative to ballet flats. Kitten heels combine comfort with a little bit of extra height.

Sling Back

Sling backs are a cross between a mule and a full shoe. Instead of a closed back they have a strap which connects the sides and back to the front of the shoe. Sling-back shoes can be any height and have open toes or a fully closed front.

Mary Janes

A Mary Jane shoe takes you back to your school days, as it is styled after the single cross strap, round-toed, low heeled shoe that children often wore to school.


Spiked Heels or stilettos refer to the type of high heel, which is pointy and thin. These slender, very feminine heels can be as high as 6 inches.

Peep Toe Heel

A peep-toe shoe has an opening at the tip of the toes that shows part of the toes but not the whole toe line. The opening is usually small and is rounded or wedge shaped.


The heel extends from the back of the shoe to right under the foot, running in a wedge shape from back to front. Wedges are easier to walk on than stilettos but will still give you the necessary height.

Platform Shoes

This refers to the sole of the shoe and not the heel. Platform shoes are thick soles sitting under the front part of the foot and are often combined with wedges, or chunky heels or stilettos. If they are combined with a wedge heel, they are referred to as a Platform Wedge.


Sandals are shoes with open toes and backs and have single or multiple straps for fastening. Sandal designs vary greatly depending on the type and material of straps and the height of heels. Bondage sandals have material straps that wind right up the leg, as in the days of Roman times.

White Flashy Heels
White And Silver Flashy Heels

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Gabrielecorto Moltedo carries design and style in his veins as the son of Laura and Vittorio Moltedo, founders of Bottega Veneta, the eponymous luxury goods brand. The brand has an Italian flare. The label has become synonymous with sumptuous colors, bold hardware and meticulous attention to detail. Moltedo grew up learning every aspect of the business from design to production with summers spent working in the family factory. Today the brand has become more popular than ever.

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2010

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2010

While we all have those staples in our wardrobe such as the little black dress, a leather satchel bag, and a pair of patent leather pumps, adding customizable accessories that can work in any season can add interest and personality in your closet.  Buying accessories that can work with a variety of outfits can dress up what you already have.  Here are a few accessories that are worth investing in:


Necklaces can be worn with anything.  Costume necklaces can dress up your every day work attire, and add some interest to a night out with the girls or a date with your husband.


Bracelets can be an accessory that adds interest that many women don’t fully embrace.  Stacking bracelets in gold or precious stones can be a way of adding interest and color to your every day outfits.


Handbags among the most versatile accessory that a woman can work with.  Invest in a great leather bag for the winter season, and a couple of lighter purses for the spring and summer season.  Handbags can be picked up for spectacular deals on ebay.  Shop based on brand or color on ebay, and invest in a couple bags that allow you to change your style from week to week, or month to month.  Think about what suits your style and design a bag unique to you that can show others your creativity and innovation.


Heels, runners, and sandals can say a lot about you.  Play around with colors to see what works best for you, and don’t be afraid to try something different that speaks volumes about your personal style. Most women understand trends but not all know how to use them to let their personal styles shine through. Use accessories to customize your look in a way totally unique to you to best show the world who you are.

Finding Rings That Complement Your Fingers

Finding Rings That Complement Your Fingers

Whether you are considering wedding bands with your beloved or you are simply looking for some fashionable rings for yourself, you’ll of course want the rings that look best on you! Take a moment to consider what rings are going to flatter your fingers, and what factors you need to keep in mind. Choosing the rings that look best on you simply takes a small amount of time and knowledge regarding what is out there.

Longer Fingers and Bands

People with longer fingers have it fairly easy, as they can choose a band of nearly any width. When choosing a ring, start by looking at how much real estate it takes up on the length of your finger. If you have a wide band but short fingers, you’ll find that it is very easy to overwhelm your hand. Unless you want a ring that creates the illusion of reaching from knuckle to knuckle, choose something with a something with a slimmer band if you have short fingers.

Short Fingers and Marquise Cut Stones

When you are looking for a ring that will help you make your fingers look a little longer, consider choosing a ring with a marquise-cut stone. Marquise cut stones are essentially tapered ovals with sharp points, and while you want to avoid a very thin one if your fingers are wide, you will find that this shape makes your fingers look quite elegant. Remember that a good marquise cut diamond has far more length than width; choose one that is on the skinnier side.

Round Stones, Wide Hands

When you want to wear a ring with a round stone elegantly, you should ideally have wide hands. Wind hands do quite well with stones that are round, or which generally have their largest point being on the horizontal axis. Heart-shaped stones and pear-shaped stones also do quite well when you are someone with wide hands, regardless of how long your fingers are.

Oval: The Universal Choice

When you are looking for a great ring that will suit you no matter what your hand and finger shape is, consider the oval. A plain oval stone is a great choice for every type of hand; all that you have to do is to tailor it to yours. Make sure that if you have narrow fingers that you do not let the oval stone overwhelm your hand.

Large Hands

If you have large hands, you want to make sure that your ring does not look small and insignificant. The larger your hands are, the bigger your rings should be, both in band width and with regards to the size of the stone. If you are someone with larger hands and you want to buy a diamond, consider a stone that is at least one carat in weight.

Try Them On

The best way to find out which rings look best on you is simply to try them on. Slide a ring on your finger, look away, and then glance back at the ring on your hand out of the corner of your eye. This will give you the general impression that people will have of the ring as you go by, and you can judge from there. Consider what effect the ring has on your hand. Does it make your hand look longer or shorter, wider or narrower? The think about whether that impression is one that you like.

Choose the rings that look best on you!

Byline: Andrea Brown
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