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Classical Conversations believes you are your child’s best teacher. They support homeschooling parents with one-day-a-week communities, where students can gather with peers and students and parents alike can benefit from a trained tutor.

Classical Conversations follows the “classical model” of education which, has proven effective over the centuries.

They cultivate the love of learning, provide a Christian worldview, and generate fellowship with other families – Classical, Christian, Community!

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Jared (CH2) in VA- “Challenge is a community, which offers an intense academic program.  Doing school with friends is one of the best parts.  We get to learn through the program, but you get to learn with friends.  I’ve been with my community for seven years and I’m looking forward to graduating with good friends I’ve grown up with through Classical Conversations.”

Heather (CH2) in VA –To me, CC means rigorous, Christ-centered learning, with less distinction between subjects because of integration. It means deep thinking and good friendships, both with other students and with the tutors. CC is homeschooling taken to the next level with organization and, yes, even socialization. It’s a great environment to learn critical thinking, time management, and experimental procedures. So, overall, CC is pretty awesome.”

Carrie “I love so much about CC but I really love that it is a 12 year plan! Before CC, I would get so discouraged when we get to the end of the year and my kiddos couldn’t remember most of the stuff we had worked on throughout the year. I was teaching them how I had been taught . . . to learn it for a test. When I found CC it was like the light turned on! I just love that we are building upon a “Foundation”! I am really seeing it this year with my oldest in Essentials. All the English we have been memorizing is being put to use. She isn’t struggling anymore to remember what the verb, nouns, pronouns and prepositions are. She knows them from her CC Foundation Memory Work. I can’t believe the sentences she can now label and diagram. I’m excited about what I am teaching my kids and they are succeeding! I LOVE CC!”

“I love the community, like-minded families, Christ-centeredness, teaching our children how to think for themselves when the world wants them to think the way it does.”


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