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From An End Table To A Toybox- A DIY Project

From An End Table To A Toybox- Hersite Blog

I spotted a French Provincial end table on our local buy and sell facebook group that I scored for $20 dollars.  Originally I wanted to make a lego table with a pull out box, but changed my mind, as I needed a functional piece to organize my daughter’s toys.

I cut the table in half with a hand saw, using only the bottom, and the top piece.  Everything in between was discarded.  I originally had in mind several shelves, which could work like over-sized shelving that could sit in her room.  The trouble was, once it was built, it looked too big in her bedroom.  We barely got it into the living room, before the design had to change.

In the end, I was able to make two shelves out of my hard work.  One for our outside patio, and one which sits in our living room.

Today it holds toys, which hopefully will go a long way of keeping the house clean while having toys within her reach.   What do you think?  Would you have this in your home?

Endtable To Toy Box Transformation 2Endtable To Toy Box TransformationEndtable To Toy Box Transformation 4Endtable To Toy Box Transformation 3