Its a challenge finding healthy snacks for your kids and yourself.  If you are like me you reach for what ever in in the pantry at the end of the night for that food fix.  

So when I stumbled upon small-scale ice cream molds for the freezer, I thought it might be the very helper that would allow me to experiment with healthier options. 

I can sit down in my lazy boy at the end of the night and pop fruit in my mouth than chips. Here is how I do it.  The Ice Cream Molds I purchased with 5 Different Designs For $2.77 each

At the end of summer when strawberries are on sale, I stock up for the winter. I throw them in the freezer in their natural form, and simply scrape off the leaves with a knife before throwing them into the blender. 

I combine strawberries in my blender with milk or even existing juice in the fridge for a healthier fuller drink. 

Strawberries also are perfect for freezer snacks. What I often do is use frozen strawberries for my base fruit of the snack, and add in what ever I have on hand.   If you don’t buy fruit often, you can easily stock up on fruit in the can.  I love buying peaches this way.

I throw strawberries in the storage freezer bags to save room, and then from there I simply take them out and toss them into the blender with yogurt, and any additional fruit like bananas or juice.  If you don’t want to use milk, try almond milk instead.

My favorite yogurt brands are Tillamook and Greek Gods’ Greek Yogurt.  Both brands seem to offer the richest flavors. 

Think outside the box for your snacks.  How about blueberries covered in yogurt? 

The snowflake molds in the above picture are not silicone.  At first I was disappointed because I couldn’t figure out how to get them out.  I learned if you simply run hot water on the back and bend the tray, the mold comes out quite easily.  Flexible silicone molds are ideal for smaller more delicate molds, so look for that feature before purchasing smaller molds.

In addition, keep in mind that the smaller round molds may not work for small children.  Giving any hard substances to children such as blueberries, can be a choking hazard.  The larger snowflake molds allow you to hold on to a handle while eating them, and the yogurt melts in the mouth really nicely.  My daughter loves the yogurt options.  I love these smaller molds for myself, as almonds and yogurt and chocolate work well together.  


Make frozen blueberry bites with this simple silicone Ice Cube Tray Grid.  Get a perfect ball each and every single time.  This particular mold sells for just $9 dollars on Amazon

Mydio 40 Tray Mini Ice Ball Molds$9 Amazon

Frozen Yogurt Bites Recipe –

Silicone Tray Mold by Traytastic! $8 On Amazon. 

Make your yogurt bites, and dump them into one large container.  Adding the above mold into the mix might give you some variety of shape!  On to healthier snacking ladies!