Historic Paint Color Guide By Do It Best PaintsHistoric Paint Color Guide By Do It Best Paints3Historic Paint Color Guide By Do It Best Paints2

I found myself last week trying to locate a color guide with historical colors for a hutch I am painting…  I ended up mixing my own colors because everything I found was too bright, and too modern for my taste.  I really could have had this brochure at my fingertips.

Going to a paint store, and looking at a display with hundreds of colors doesn’t help a person to locate the right color for the project you are working on.  If you are anything like me, you have an eye for antiques, and the colors of the past seem to be so much nicer than what is offered today.

Do it Best Paints came out with a historic color guide that may assist you with your next project.  From the western farmhouse and the southern French colonial to the New England shingle style home – they put together a beautiful selection of color combinations inherent to each location. Many times, the color palette was developed to address the region’s climate along with the culture and traditions of the time.

Do it Best Paints says determining the historical significance of your home and general time period of original construction can be a history lesson in itself, however information can be gathered from a variety of sources such as a public library, building departments, local museums, and historical societies.   Even if you are wanting to just complete a furniture project, or paint your floor, this guide suggests some beautiful colors for a home decorated around antiques.

The Do it Best Historical Restoration Colors were selected to provide appropriate siding, trim and accent colors for every style of historic American architecture. Do it Best paint put together this paint collection in an effort and importance in preserving an important part of our history – your home.

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