by Jocelyn Tovar, Fox San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO– A new mother said she’s being harassed by Child Protective Services unfairly because she and her husband have chosen not to vaccinate their children.

The mother-of-five had her most recent child at St. Luke’s and the hospital said they were just following Texas state law by notifying CPS.

“You are responsible for the outcome of your children,” said Brittany Barrientos-Ulloa.

She and her husband have a clear idea of how they wants to raise their five children.

“We will not be vaccinating,” she said. “This is a choice we’ve made for our family.”

And she said even if you don’t agree, she hopes you can at least respect their decision.

“Threatened if we refused we could be fined,” she said after giving birth to her newest bundle of joy.

Shortly after, her family began being investigated by CPS when she said she refused vaccinations, and the antibiotic eye ointment put on all newborns.

“Now CPS is harassing us they won’t go away,” she said. “They want us to sign-up for family services.”

St. Luke’s said they follow a state law that all newborns have the ointment.

At least the family said they have a heavyweight in their corner, Bexar County District Attorney Nico Lahood, an outspoken critic of vaccinations.

“It’s reassuring,” she said.

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