Iris Figueroa shared Adam Ringham‘s live video.

3 hrs

Human aborted DNA in vaccines. Your child is the host.

1) As per the FDA, the DNA cells (male and female) are fragmented – shredded.
2) To more readily enter the host cells, to combine with the host’s DNA.
3) Let’s point out – no studies.
4) As per the current CDC schedule, foreign DNA is entering and combining with the host DNA some 30 – 74 times (let’s exclude the animal DNA for this purpose).
5) In Holocaust survivors, trauma markers were found in their DNA, impacting their long-term health. Aborted infant trauma? Mixed with the host’s DNA?
6) Infant cells replicate many times more rapidly than an adult’s, because of the growth factor. With each vaccination, absorbing that much quicker this multiple foreign DNA.
7) The adjuvant – aluminum – is a DNA replication inhibitor. Inhibiting the host’s natural DNA replication. Causing hyper-immune distress, confusion, chaos in trying to cope with this foreign attack.

How much of your child is actually your child? After multiple vaccinations?