Upholstering Tack Boards - Hersite Blog

I needed some organization badly around my desk, but because my office is right in our livingroom, it needed to blend in to the living room and not look out of place.  So I decided to upholster my tack board.  I have used painters drop cloth for pretty much everything in my home, and using it for my tack board just seemed to work well.

You can see in other photos below I dressed up an old frame that was a piece of art by covering it with cloth.  I simply used brass hooks to hold my necklaces up in my closet.  Its such a thrifty idea that cost me next to nothing.  I just had to go shopping in my own home!

What do you think?  Would you display your jewelry like this in your bedroom?  See the pictures below


Upholstering Tack Boards - Hersite Blog

My new necklace holder – just an old frame upholstered in cloth.  Works brilliantly!

Dressing Up A Pegboard

Here is a picture of the tack boards by my desk. They look great!  Ready to be filled with notes

My New Pearl Necklace

Don’t discount what you can buy at Walmart.  Jewelry findings were used to complete this pearl necklace.  This pretty piece sits high on my neck, comfortable enough to wear with a cotton shirt this summer. So classy!