I used to buy and sell furniture for a living, and loved every minute of it.  I came across a very inexpensive round table, and needed a canopy for my daughters room, so the thought crossed my mind to use the table base as a canopy.  Either it was going to look stupid, or absolutely fabulous !  Well it turned out to be spectacular!

In our basement bedroom I used a vintage footboard for a bed canopy and it worked beautifully.  See it here.  Since then drapes were added to complete the look.

Here is where the project gets interesting….

I held on to this table for several years.  It went through two moves and finally it was brought to our house in Idaho.  This year, I finally managed to get around to this project.  I took both halves of the table and screwed them together. The two halves of the table were anchored down on a piece of wood, and shelf brackets were added to complete the look.

I upholstered a foam bed topper to both sides to cover up the holes the table legs would normally go.  I finished the inside with white fabric, and the outside in the matching blue check fabric.  An outer cover was sewn up, and velcro was stapled on to the canopy and sewn on to the overcover for easy washing.

I go to anchor the canopy up on the wall one Saturday night, and find that there are no studs to hang the canopy!! Massive road block!

I must have stared at the wall for an hour and came up with almost every thought to get the darn thing up on the wall, but at the end of the night there was no safe way to get it anchored on the wall.

I would be covering a window, and there were no studs above the window.  I couldn’t arrange the room because the bed only works on one wall.  So, needless to say, this canopy sits in the garage again, and another one was made to replace it.

My French Canopy Made From Tables2

My canopy in progress…

My Canopy Made From Tables

Above you see that two tables, (minus the top) are anchored together.  Upholstery covers everything

My French Canopy Made From Tables

My Canopy Made From Tables

Look how pretty it sits on the wall.  It was put above a side cabinet, but never looked right.  Maybe for another room some day.  Lovely, isn’t it?

My Canopy Made From Tables

A new canopy is in progress.