1. Decide whether you want to put your nests in a basket, bowl, box or potted plant (I’ve even had one nested in the branches of an indoor ficus tree and have an old dynamite box (minus the dynamite) full of nests on the front porch.

2. You can either buy nests at craft stores or do what I do and make them yourself. I can’t approach the perfection of a real nest, but I can give it my best shot, and it doesn’t take long.

3. First, take a piece of foil 14 to 16 inches long and fold it into fourths. This should make the foil four layers thick.

4. Lay it over and mold it to the shape of an upside-down bowl. Start small. I use a little glass condiment bowl that’s normally for cooking, or a baseball or softball will do.

5. Working in small patches, use hot-melt glue to adhere moss or twigs onto the foil.

6. After you glue moss to the outside of the nest, take it off the bowl (or baseball or softball) and repeat the process inside the nest.


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