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Faux Painting

Chicago designer Shelley Johnstone Paschke’s designed a sitting area and bathroom for The 2013 Showhouse Lake Forest Estate.  The grand 1916 David Adler-designed Italian Rennaisance estate was originally a collaboration between Adler and legendary American decorator Frances Elkins.  Veranda, highlights Paschke’s dramatic spaces, showing pictures of the sitting room, bathroom, and an exceptional painted malachite ceiling.

Paschke stayed true to the architectural details, highlighting the paneling with green lacquer walls in Farrow and Ball’s Saxon Green and gold painted trim molding.  The sitting rooms ceiling was done in a spectacular faux malachite.   The bath area features climbing acanthus leaves which lead the eye to the high ceiling above where a gold Starbust Pendant adds a modern touch of glamor.  The shade of green in the Farrow and Ball wallpaper is a nice bridge between the two rooms.   An intricately carved “Zeus” chair from Oscar de la Renta for Century covered in Stark’s leopard silk velvet. Samuel and Son’s Greek Key Trim outlines the entire window treatment enhancing the architectural elements of the space.

Malachite is a semi precious stone.  Gemstones come in the classification of being “precious” or “semi-precious”. A semi precious stone is obviously the lesser of the two classifications.  Diamonds, rubies,
sapphires, and emeralds are considered precious stones.

How To Paint Faux Malachite

Use Oil Paint

Start with a light green base coat of paint.  Spraying the paint on, or using a foam brush works the best, because it won’t leave any strokes.  Ideally, you want a covered surface in light green glossy paint.  Using oil paint, paint a over your piece of furniture with a coat of paint, working in sections.  Use a handmade notched cardboard comb and drag it through the paint, in twirly patterns.

Once it has been dry over night, give your furniture a professional finish by adding a semi transparent finish over top.  You can do this by using either glaze (mix 2 to 1 glaze to paint) more glaze than paint and go over the area. Or use a semi- transparent spray paint in gloss.  Design Master, carried by Michael’s crafts sells a range of colors which are semi-transparent and often used on florals.  Simply stand back and spray a bit of paint on your overall piece.   I would practice on a separate piece first before using it on a piece you spent hours on. Once you spray it, you cannot take the paint off, such as you can with glaze.  I usually spray fast, and a bit away from the piece I am working on.  Lighter coats are better than one coat, where you could get too close to the finish with the spray.  Certainly get some practice before using for the first time.  I love that it give a glossy finish, which enables you to skip any additional gloss.  The green paint will nicely soften the overall look of your piece.

Use A White Base Coat

Gorgeous Little Things Blog shows us a lamp makeover using water based paint.  She recommends that the paint be a dark emerald green.  First mix 3 parts glaze with 1 part paint. Start by brushing on an area, and quickly removing it with torn pieces of cardboard, mimicing the wiggly curves of malachite.  Next you’ll want to soften the hard lines and thick edges, which you can do with a softening brush.  Simply lightly stipple or tap the surface.   To soften the look even more, lightly paint a coat of green glaze over the whole lamp to deepen it a bit. Finish it with 2 coats of a spray lacquer.

Get Professional Results By Taping Off Areas

One of the best tips to getting a professional look is to be sure your first coat is even.  After having a solid coat, go over it with a very smooth sponge sander.  The second tip is to tape off areas of your project in order to get smooth lines. In real life, Malachite is usually used on small items, not on large walls, because it is a gem stone.  Although that shouldn’t stop you if you want to do cabinets, furniture, or walls with the pattern.  Real Malachite veneer will usually be spliced together in a mitered design on an actual item made with Malachite. To get the look of mitering, simply tape or masking off every other piece with blue masking tape.  Finish those sections, allowing to dry overnight, and then do the opposite pieces the next day.  Faux Painting Ideas

Picture Credit- Paint And Decorating Concourse

Shelley Johnstone Paschke- The 2013 Showhouse Lake Forest Estate- Veranda 1

Shelley Johnstone Paschke- The 2013 Showhouse Lake Forest Estate- Veranda

Shelley Johnstone Paschke- The 2013 Showhouse Lake Forest Estate- Veranda 2

Shelley Johnstone Paschke- The 2013 Showhouse Lake Forest Estate- Veranda

Shelley Johnstone Paschke- The 2013 Showhouse Lake Forest Estate- Veranda 3

Shelley Johnstone Paschke- The 2013 Showhouse Lake Forest Estate- Veranda

How To Paint Faux Malachite

lonny.com got a delicious treat with the September issue and a whopping 30-page spread featuring the Beverly Hills, Calif., estate of the late Tony Duquette.

How To Paint Faux MalachiteParsons style 3-shelf console from Bungalow 5

How To Paint Faux Malachite

Pair of Italian Faux Malachite Bombe Chests Dragonette Ltd

Tony Duquette | Hutton Wilkinsond53efe2653Tony Duquette | Hutton Wilkinson

malachite chairPAIR c1860 French Occasional Chairs in Faux Malachite-The Antique and Artisan Center

Faux Malachite

A single gilded bronze twin-handled tazza now mounted on a square malachite base

Faux Malachite TablesPair of hand-painted French tables with original ormolu. Finish is in rich green faux malachite finish created by Tony Duquette. He painted with most of the gold trim in place, so there’s green paint found on
some of ormolu which we find to give these pieces an interesting story.

Hermitage (Winter Palace) in St. Petersburg

Hermitage (Winter Palace) in St. Petersburg- Picture Credit Summer Thornton Design

Hermitage (Winter Palace) in St. Petersburg

Hermitage (Winter Palace) in St. Petersburgwww.hellopiter.ru

Faux MalachitePair of Bronze Portrait Busts/France. One bust depicting Voltaire, the
other Rousseau, each mounted on a Gilt Bronze Socle, Set on a Malachite
Venerred Pedestal base

Faux Malachite

Impressive Russian Gilt Bronze and Malachite Jewelry Box on Gilt Bronze
Feet.  Interior Features a Mirror and Aubergine Velvet Lining.  Russia,
19th Century

Faux Malachite

French Bronze ormolu desk with faux malachite paint.

Pair of Italian Scroll Arm Chairs with Orginal Finish. Faux Painted Malachite Back Panel.Pair of Italian Scroll Arm Chairs with Orginal Finish. Faux Painted Malachite Back Panel.